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Roblox Adopt Me Dolls – How to Get Pinocchio, Nurse & Dylan Builder

Roblox Adopt Me Dolls – How to Get Pinocchio, Nurse & Dylan Builder
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Adopt Me! from Roblox is constantly updating with new cute friends to adopt from dinosaurs to angler fish, puppies to cheetahs! Soon there will be new Dolls to adopt including Pinocchio, Nurse, and Dylan Builder and we are here to tell you how to get these amazing new Dolls for yourself. Scroll on to find out how to get Pinocchio, Nurse or Dylan Builder in Roblox Adopt Me!

How to Get Roblox Adopt Me Dolls

The exciting update arriving in Adopt Me! on Thursday July 27 will bring adorable dolls to adopt: Pinocchio, River the Nurse, and Dylan Builder dolls are the first to arrive. If you want to adopt one of these cuties you will have to follow the steps below.

Adopting Adopt Me Dolls:

  1. Load up Roblox;
  2. Launch Adopt Me;
  3. Go straight to Adoption Island;
  4. Visit The Adoption Center;
  5. Go to the right to visit the nursery;
  6. Speak to Anna;
  7. Purchase a Wrapped Doll for 900 Robux.
Visiting Anna at the Adoption Center
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Wrapped Dolls give an equal chance to unlock any one of the three available dolls: Pinocchio, River the Nurse, and Dylan Builder. These dolls don’t grow up so they stay exactly as they are forever! Your job is to care for them like a parent would, feed them, let them rest, play with them, and make sure all their needs are met. The only thing that is really different between a Pet and a Doll is that you cannot trade a Doll. Once you have a Doll they are yours to keep!

Eventually there will be more little Dolls to adopt in Roblox Adopt Me! but for now you will only have the three to choose from. Which do you want to unlock first: River the Nurse, Dylan Builder, or Pinocchio!

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Roblox Adopt Me Dolls – How to Get Pinocchio, Nurse & Dylan Builder