Rival Stars Horse Racing: Breeding Guide


In our article today we are going to tell you all about the Rival Stars Horse Racing breeding and how it works, so you will know exactly how to produce the best horses in the game. Of course, you should take a look at our game guide first to know exactly how to start off in the game.

Rival Stars Horse Racing – What is breeding?

Breeding is having a mare (female horse) and pairing her with a stud (male horse). This will result in a third horse, which is a combination between the two. Once you mate the two horses, the mare will go idle and you can’t really use her until the new horse is born. 

Breeding can be done between your mare and your stud, your mare and a random stud within the game (will cost resources), or between your mare and a premium stud (will cost gold). 

The resulting new (baby) horse can be either better star than the parents or the same star. This all depends on your chances, but the percentage is shown on the main interface when you do this, so the rest depends on luck.

Rival Stars Horse Racing – How to breed?

The breeding process is pretty simple – all you have to do is have a mare. First thing you need to do is head on to the Stables. In the stables, you will see on the left side a breeding stall. This is where the new horse will be bred. 

Now the second step, once you have a mare, head on to your breeding stall and select to breed. Of course, you need an empty breeding stall for this, and it would be ideal to also have an empty horse stall. The empty horse stall will be needed for when the mare is done nursing, so you can keep the new horse. 

On the left side you will have your mares that you can select from to breed and on the right you will see the studs. Use the arrows underneath each of them to go back and forth between the available mares and studs and in the middle see the grade chances for each combination.

Usually the premium studs have better grade and stats than the rest of them, but you need to take into consideration more than just the stats. The distance a horse can run, the track surface and the position are all important for the resulting horse. 

So for example if you want a horse than can run on very soft terrain, you should breed with a stallion that has the same track surface preference. It all depends on the choices you make, so take this into consideration whenever you want a new horse.

Also, if you don’t like the studs currently available, you can get new studs! To do this you can either wait for the free refresh or pay 10 gold to refresh instantly. 

Rival Stars Horse Racing – Best breeding method

In my opinion there is something you could do in order to breed better and cheaper with a good stud. What you could do is head on to the Market and buy a good stallion. You can even spend gold to buy a premium stallion and use that to breed with your best mares in order to (hopefully) create a very good grade 3 horse. 

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you should sell the horses that you don’t like or are not as good (or are not what you are looking for). This will free up horse stall slots and allow you to breed more. 

It will take time, but don’t worry – you’ll get the best horses in time. Also, don’t forget to upgrade the stalls in order to increase the grade of the horses you can keep in there. It’s quite important! 

This will be our breeding guide for Rival Stars Horse Racing. Do you have some more breeding tips and strategies? Share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Rival Stars Horse Racing: Breeding Guide


  1. I’ve been breeding for a while now, but always get a stallion as my offspring. I need a better mare though. My question is, are the offsprings always going to be stallions?

  2. My dappled grey took a while I took my horse that had the 1/2 white face gene and bred to an all white then that offspring to a mostly black horse. I now have 2 dapple greys, one lighter then the other.
    But they all started with the 1/2 faced white and tan horse.

  3. I wonder if the stats of the mare and stud affect the baby. Example, I have a tier 3 mare all max and a tier 2 stud pretty good also max. Will the new horse come with better stats if both parents are max? Kinda new to the game.

    • The grade is the star that’s with their image.

      It affects their level and how high their stats can go. And breeding grades can in create this.

      1 to 1 = grade 1 foal
      1 – 2 = grade 1 OR 2 foal. Etc.

      Mixing grades has a percentage with the next grade up being a tad higher in some cases depending on the stud.

      It’s really up to chance.

  4. I really wanna black horse and I’m trying to find out how to breed it but I just can’t seem to get it right. I got a paint horse now I just really really want a black horse! Can someone please tell me how to get it!?

  5. Is there a way to make it that I can get a filly instead of a colt, all I get are colts and I’m looking for a filly that’s 3 stars because all my mare’s are 2 stars.

  6. Ive had all of the horse coat colors in the game except black, it’s getting really annoying and I breed with black horses w/ black families and I still don’t get a black.

  7. I have a cremello stallion, and his offspring are always a really light color, so I don’t think I will be getting a black horse anytime soon.
    (also, if anybody was wondering, if you would like to breed a cremello, you need a palomino mare, and a chestnut stud.)

  8. I’ve tried to breed the darkest light colored horse I have with a brown horse and I keep getting flipping white/cream colored horses/foals with the markings of the brown stallion! HEEEEEEELP ME!!!

  9. i would rather have more mares than stallions, but mine are a mix, sometimes i get a mare and sometimes i get a stallion. but right now i have two badger faced horses that i love soooooo much and i will never sell

  10. This might seem dumb but I can’t figure out how to make one of my horses into a stud. I’m on mobile so the button isn’t there for me. I know it’s in the horse details but I can’t seem to find it? Can anyone help please!

  11. Yeh katie marks you have to have a stallion and you tap on them which will take you to the screen showing the preferences and coat and pedigree that sorta stuff then in bottom corner red box says stud I mean seeing as this was a few months ago you e probs already found out lol

  12. How do you breed a horse with a medium track preference?? I don’t have a mare with medium, I do have them with very hard, hard & soft. I tried everything ;-(


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