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RimWorld: Killbox Guide – Tips and Tricks

RimWorld: Killbox Guide – Tips and Tricks

RimWorld is a game where you build a base, upgrade it and make a colony, in which survivors can stay safe, find resources and improve their home. Security of the base is the main aim of citizens of the colony, and to provide this, you must build metal fences and structures, give your survivors weapons and fight with pirate raiders, insects, machines, and other enemies.  There are many ways to upgrade your base and make it safe and today we want to tell you about Rimworld killbox and give some tips and tricks on it.

Basic Killbox in RimWorld

A basic killbox has three main components:

  • Entry labyrinth (A place where your enemies come from).
  • Killing field.
  • Bunker (strong safe position for your colony to defend from).

A basic killbox can be built in a simple rectangular shape. The width is determined by the number of defenders that you can use e. The depth is determined by the average range of weapons your colonists will use to kill the enemies. The entry must be clear, without doors or walls. To build a bunker, use walls and sandbags for the full width of the killbox and add a roof to protect your colonists. 

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Killbox – Tips and Tricks in RimWorld

There are some tips and tricks on how to build your killbox in RimWorld:

  • Use auto-turrets to upgrade your defense.
  • Additional doors through the labyrinth can help your colonist to find a quicker way out if needed.
  • The semi-circle form of your bunker can help your colonists to have a much wider field of fire.
  • Build a Minigun killbox to reach 29 tiles and kill enemies faster.
  • A grenade killbox can be effective against a dead pawn.

That’s all that you must know about killbox. Our tips and tricks should help you in RimWorld. Follow our guide and build your best base to protect your colonists.

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RimWorld: Killbox Guide – Tips and Tricks


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