Rilakkuma Farm Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Best Farm

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In today’s article we are going to go over all of the Rilakkuma Farm tips and tricks to help you build the best and cutest farm in the game!

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Rilakkuma is such a well known Japanese character, that if you have been around for a few years, it’s impossible that you didn’t notice it somewhere (on a notebook, any type of stationery or on anything Japanese). Being a big manga / anime fan myself, I’ve been super excited to finally be able to play Rilakkuma Farm, as this game is such a cute game which has a relaxing atmosphere, matching the vibe of the kuma (bear in Japanese) perfectly.

But enough with my praising of the game – you came here to learn all of the Rilakkuma Farm tips and tricks, and that’s exactly what we will check out down below! So without further ado, let’s dive right into them!

Unlock the first cow for 200 coins

One of the very first things which I really suggest that you do is spend some of the early Coins that you have on opening up the next Cow in the Cow Barn. This will allow you to have an extra Milk box to deliver or to make into milkshakes, and that is going to be a very worthy investment which will speed things up quite a lot.

The next Cow slot costs 200 Coins, so go ahead and open it up because it’s good. After that, the next one will be 4000 Coins and when you have enough Coins, that should be the next step. But for now, we should focus on just opening the next which is 200 Coins.

My suggestion here:

I consider this to be super necessary because the requests will ask you for plenty of Milk and since it takes a long time to produce, if you have more cows it’s going to be better. You can also skip this entirely, but I think that it’s pretty much a waste of time because why not make 3 milks in the same time as you would make 2.

Plant crops at all times

As you level up you will unlock more types of crops (first it’s Strawberries, then Rice, then Azuki and so on) which will make for different orders. For each new level that you advance you will receive more empty slots to plant crops in, and that means that you will be able to make more yields.

I suggest that you always have some plants growing at all times because they will take time to grow, and you will want to use every single second that you have to produce something – and whenever possible, have multiple things running at the same time.

So since some crops take longer than others to grow, you will sometimes have crops which don’t finish at the same time. When that happens, don’t worry – (unless you are an OCD freak like me, who just wants to have everything starting and ending at the same time) just plant something else and keep doing this whenever you have some empty plots of farmland.

Never leave your farms empty

This is super important because if you have stuff growing all the time, then you will produce all the time and will never have to worry about running out of items. Now whenever you see that something has finished producing, you should go ahead and harvest them and plant something else in its place. Whatever you do, just don’t leave your farm plots empty.

Group your crops

The more you level up, the more plots of land you will unlock (about 3 per level) and that will let you plant more stuff. I suggest that if you are an organized person and want a neat looking farm, then you can group the lands in 3×3 squares.

That will make it easier to plant specific plants in that areas only, because when you go over them planting stuff you will not plant by mistake in other plots of land. It’s super good to do this because it can also make your farm look better. And besides, organization is super good.

My tip here:

I always like to plant the crops in 3×3 lands and try to keep a distance between them because that way I don’t plant something in between them by mistake and it’s always kept looking good (to me it’s all about aesthetics).

Move your buildings and items

Once you place down an item you might think that it’s not the best way to do it – and other times you might want to take back an item and place it at another time. Well, in order to do that all that you need to do is really simple – tap and hold on the item which you want to move or remove, until the arrow will charge up.

Once you’ve tapped and held for long enough the interface will change and you will be able to move the item. Do this after you have unlocked several more plots of land and you have gathered plenty of items.

Make money selling Strawberries

I have not covered this above because I considered it to be a whole topic on its own. One of the things which I am not sure that you noticed or not, is that Strawberries cost 0 Coins to plant. Once you gather and sell them, they each give you 1 Coin in return.

So if you are never sure what to plant next or don’t know how to make more Coins, then you can do this because it’s a sure way to make profit.

Get Present Box daily for free in the Shop

Every single day you will be able to claim a free reward box in the Shop. This will contain some random items which you can use to decorate your farm and also some Coins which you can use to improve your farm (or expand the place).

I suggest that you always head on to the Shop and scroll down until you can see the daily sales. Those can be found in the Today’s Sale section in the Shops and there you will find the Present Box too.

Tap on it and claim it, and don’t forget to check out the other offers as well. The daily sales are a super effective way to buy more decorations because there can appear some offers which are super good and cost Gold.

My tip here:

I suggest that you buy the items which are Rare or you don’t have yet, because it will be much easier to collect all the items that way. Also, I don’t think that it is necessary to invest in the Hammer early on (which expands your inventory) just yet, until you really need it.

Fill in the Local Orders

The Local Orders are basically the “missions” way for you to gain EXP and Coins. They can be found in the Orders menu at the bottom side of the screen. These orders will require you to deliver them some of the items which you’ve produced on your farm, so once you have collected enough to deliver, go fill in the Local Orders for EXP and Gold.

Deliver the Presents

For every 3 hearts (or local deliveries) that you send out, you will be able to claim a gift. You can receive various gifts, and most of the time they will take quite a bit to arrive to you. I suggest that you try to acquire as many as possible and always have a present delivering because since they take a while, you need to wait for it to finish!

My tip here:

You will not get hearts when you deliver, unless you have space to receive a new Gift, so try to avoid filling in deliveries until you can receive a new Gift – otherwise it will be pretty much a waste in my opinion.

Open up more spaces

As you level up, you will be able to buy new areas where you can expand your farm. The number of spaces is limited for each level that you have, and I suggest that you always try to save up Gold to buy a few.

In my opinion you should focus on unlocking an area which has a Honey Tree on it, because that will unlock the Chairoikoguma. You will unlock that the very first time that you unlock the area with a Honey Tree, so try to do it ASAP.

Do the quests

There are a couple of types of quests in the game, so if you want to acquire some good stuff, then I suggest that you do them every day and whenever they become available. Completing a quest will leave you a time gap of a couple of hours, but if you spend some Gems you can remove this waiting time and receive a new quest instantly.

I would advise against that, because if you are a f2p player you will make a better use of the Gems for other items (such as Shovel and Hammer in the daily shop). Instead just use this time to farm up some more items.

Do your Video Quests

Every day you will have a couple of Video Quests which will give you some items in exchange for simply watching a couple of ads. I suggest that if you are not against this, that you do it because it’s free and it’s super useful. You will get some Coins and Gems for free from these quests, as well as cumulative EXP for the Big Box.

Open the Big Box

The Big Box is a box which is rewarded to you by gathering 50 points. Every quest will give you around 20 points, and the ad quests will give you 10. I suggest that you try and collect the points because the Big Box is a useful item.

These would be all of our Rilakkuma Farm tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and tricks that you would like to share with us? Feel free to leave them down in the comments section below!

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Rilakkuma Farm Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Best Farm

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