Another retro inspired game with beautiful pixel art is now available for purchase on the App Store.

Doug Dug, developed by The Electric Toy Company, is one of these games that cannot help but make gamers remember about older video games. In this case, the classic arcade hit Dig Dug.

What makes Doug Dug really compelling is the fact that the game never takes it itself seriously. It’s also a very humourous game, with a lot of funny references here and there that give Doug Dug a lot of character. Something that’s totally unexpected but just as much welcome.

The true meat of Doug Dug is the mining gameplay experience. With some really effective controls, gamers will be moving around, digging for treasure and more. As miners know, the real danger of mining is not getting crushed by the dirt all around the character. This won’t be the only danger gamers will have to face, as you will soon starting encountering monsters that only want to have a piece of your character.

Luckily you won’t be completely powerless against the dangers of the deep Earth, as you can purchase several upgrades that will improve your mining abilities.

Doug Dug is now available for purchase on the App Store for only $0,99. It’s an excellent mining game that all fans of the classic Dig Dug will surely enjoy.



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