Respawnables Heroes Guide: Tips & Tricks To Winning More Matches

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Respawnable Heroes is 4-on-4 tactical team hero action game where you join forces with three other players and shoot it out in hectic team firefights! Choose from three different hero classes: offense, tactical, and stamina, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Combine forces and be the best team!

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In our Respawnable Heroes tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of combat and how to be a good team player. We will also go over the three starter heroes as they will demonstrate their classes’ playstyles well.

Let’s get started with our Respawnable Heroes tips and tricks strategy guide to winning more matches!

Play the Objective

In Respawnable Heroes, the main mode of multiplayer is called Invasion. Two teams of 4 players will battle it out in an attempt to control the map. One team is the defending, while the other is attacking.

The defenders must prevent the attacking team from capturing the control point, while the attackers must do everything in their power to take control.

As of writing, there are only three maps available to this mode: High Altitude, Virtual Ground, and Sand Town.

If you are ever lost, just look for the highlighted path on the ground – it should be blue bright path. Following this path will lead you to the control point where most battles will take place.

If you are a defender, you have to stop the enemy team from controlling the point. When enemies are inside the control point with none of your allies around, they will begin to capture the point, as indicated by the meter at the top of the screen.

The meter is split into three different segments, and this represents “permanent” capture. The meter starts at 0%, but if an enemy stays in it long enough, it will fill up.

Once it gets to 33%, that first segment is locked and the meter cannot drop below 33%. If there are no enemies within the control point, the capture meter will slowly go down to the last permanent point.

If you are an attacker, you must rush the control point and capture it. Do not move into the control point by yourself – this is quick way to get yourself killed. Move as a team to ensure your odds of success.

Remember to try to stay on the capture point until it reaches one of the permanent capture markers. Then, you can retreat to recuperate if you need to.

Play Your Class

There are six heroes in the game right now, with two more planned for the future. When you start Respawnable Heroes for the first time, you will unlock three heroes for free, and these three heroes are the basis for the three classes in the game.

The first class is Stamina. These heroes have the highest health in the game, so they should be leading the charge of every battle. They usually have ways to get into the fray quickly, and they often come with crowd control abilities.

The second class is Offensive. These heroes are kind of fragile, but they more than make up for it with their outstanding damage output. These heroes are meant to follow their Stamina heroes into battle and help take out the competition with their rapid normal attacks and powerful abilities.

The final hero class is Tactical. These are the heroes that do not face their enemies head on – rather, they focus on team support and debilitating their enemies so that their team can finish them off. These heroes require a little more finesse to use properly.

Strategies for the Starting Heroes

The starting Stamina hero is Helena, the bio-mechanical engineer with giant mech arms! She has a short range cannon that does decent damage. Her Energy Barrier allows her to block shots from faraway opponents, but beware that you cannot fire through it.

Power Punch lets her strike opponents fast with a quick punch, stunning them. Her Overload ultimate grants her a bunch of temporary bonus armor and attack speed, which is the perfect time for her to go all in.

Activating Overload then charging in with Power Punch can cause some chaos for the enemy team, allowing your Offensive hero to come in and clean up.

The starting Offensive hero is Alpha, the survivalist adventurer. Her first ability, Lightning Boomerang, deals damage on the way out and on the return trip, so a skilled player should line up enemies to get hit by both ends.

Dodge lets her roll in any direction, and during the animation Alpha is immune to any buffs or debuffs.

Combine these two abilities with passive ability, Ignition, which increases the damage of her next basic attack to bring on the pain. Gigablast, her ultimate, fires off a powerful beam of energy. This thing deals massive damage but be careful when aiming it!

The starting Tactical hero is Ayana, the medical doctor. She can throw out Holo-Med Kits that allies can pick up to recover lost health. She can throw multiples Holo-Med Kits out to prepare the field, but they despawn after a few seconds.

Keep in mind that enemies can also pick them up – while they do not receive the healing, they can deny your allies the heal.

Her Reanimation ability can be a game changer if used right. When an allied hero falls, they will leave behind a small shiny spot that only Ayana can see. She can walk up to these spots and use her Reanimation to revive the hero on the spot with a little bit of health.

A good trick to know is to drop a Holo-Med Kit on the spot before you reanimate to ensure that the revived hero gets some health as soon as they are up.

Her passive, Health Stabilizer, grants her a speed boost when she is around gravely injured allies or allies who have recently been killed. This can help her get to where she needs faster or escape if things are looking dire.

Finally, her ultimate Biometric Pulse is the ultimate healing ability. When activated, Ayana will raise her biometric glove to shoot healing rays to all nearby allies and herself. After a few seconds, Ayana will slam the ground and emit all of the charge up energy, dealing damage to nearby foes. The more allies Ayana heals, the more damage this does.

Powering Up Heroes

Owned heroes can be upgraded by using e-credits on them. Go to their info panel and tap on the experience bar to add in e-credits, then confirm it by tapping the improve button. Upgrading heroes will improve their stats, and every little bit helps.

You can also upgrade a hero’s weapon as well, improving things like damage, fire rate, accuracy, and so forth. You do this the same way to upgrade a hero.

To unlock new heroes and gear, you must open up chests bought from the shop. An advanced chest has the most amount of goodies, but they cost 50 atomcoins, the premium currency of the game. You win about 1 atomcoin for every match you finish.

There are also common chests that can be bought with 200 e-credits, and these are the chests you will be buying for a while until you get enough atomcoins to buy an advanced chest.

Be sure to balance between upgrading your existing heroes and buying common chests. If you neglect upgrading your heroes, the power difference between you and another hero will be very obvious, so be careful!

That concludes our guide on Respawnable Heroes! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Respawnables Heroes Guide: Tips & Tricks To Winning More Matches

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