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Resort Hotel: Bay Story Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Resort Hotel: Bay Story tips and cheats to help you pass the stages and match all of the blocks in the game!

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For the fans of match three games who also like designing and decorating, then this games brings it all back (since it’s from the same people who made Hidden Hotel, which many of you loved). Well, honestly I could tell that there was something there reminding me of that game!

But anyway, let’s not waste another moment debating and and dive right into the Resort Hotel: Bay Story tips and tricks to help you pass the stages and decorate as much as you like!

Never stop matching!

One thing that you should make sure that you always do is to always keep on matching, because you should try to acquire as many points (or Coins) as possible – you’ll need them later on for decorations!

You will be given a number of moves which you will have to stick to and try to finish the stage within these moves, so make sure you do all of your matches within those and calculate every step of the way! The game is way harder than it seems, trust me!

You can match any three blocks, but check out the list on the left side to make sure you stick to the level goals and also try to keep an eye out for more special and powerful moves, such as 4, 5 and 6 tile matches.

Take your time and analyze the board

Like I said, this game is much harder than it first looks, so I would suggest that you take your time and try to analyze all possible moves that you can do within that level to stick to the movement number limitation and to also try to score as many points as possible by making a ton of matches.

I always like to take my time and check out first if there are any 4 or more tiles relatively close by that I can match into the combo power ups, and if there are not, then I try to always go for the ones which will either free up space or make it possible to match automatically (which is usually with the bottom tiles).

Match starting at the bottom

The tiles at the very bottom should be the ones that you match first if you do not have any other choices of better combos (4+ tiles nearby) because these will make all the tiles above them move, so it will facilitate auto matching.

If you manage to pull off a simple match-three combo at the bottom and the blocks above (which will move down) will all fall into place and match, that is a very, very good way to save up moves and score points or work towards your level goal. So in conclusion: always try to match at the bottom if there are no other, better options.

Stick to your goals

Always keep in mind what the level goals are, because no matter how much you like to match, this is not an endless adventure matching game – we have Tetris for that (well, more or less).

The game is already difficult as it is, so if you want to make your game life easier, you should make sure that you check out the goals for every stage and try to stick to them, because if you don’t, it will be a waste of (in game) life quite literally.

Keep those in mind, and whenever you are matching the tiles, try to think of possible ways that you can enable more matches which are needed towards level completion.

Complete 10 levels at once

Every 10 levels that you play and complete, you will be able to claim a chest which contains a useful power up along with Coins, which you can use in various ways throughout the game.

Since you can choose to play enough stages to claim the keys and then complete the tasks, you can also choose to play multiple stages ahead, have spare keys and in the meantime also open those chests.

For example you could play 10 stages at once and then you will have 10 keys to spend on completing tasks as you wish! I would suggest that you try that, because I think that it will be much easier to play and decorate, since the reward is bigger at the end (if you count the chest and 10 keys to spend on decorating).

Choose your favorite designs

For various tasks and decors that you complete and unlock, you will be able to choose between three free designs, which will appear on the left side of the screen. Choose any of those designs that appeals to you the most, and then tap on the green tick!

You can always choose to change your choices if you picked something that you don’t like by mistake, or if you simply want to change the look of the items! You can do this from time to time to “refresh” the looks of the hotel and environment!

To change the looks, simply tap and hold for a couple of seconds and the list of the possible design choices will appear again. You will have to pay a couple of Coins for that, but don’t worry – once you paid to unlock a design, you can swap back and forth between these designs any time that you want and it will not cost you anything.

Make super powerful matches

As you well know by now, the purpose of the game is to match three tiles of the same kind. Well, one thing that you can also do is match two (or more) boosts to give you some extra powerful boosts!

These can be done by matching together two boosts, such as the rocket and the dynamite, to make a super powerful explosion! Try doing this if you want to conserve moves and achieve the level requirements quickly, because it will help you quite a lot, given that the moves you get in every stage are very… limited.

Join a team and get free rewards

Once you have passed level 30 in game, you will have the possibility to join a team! This will let you talk with the other players within the same team, get their insight on the game and learn all of the tips that they have, but also enable a couple of goods for you!

For example, once you join a team you will be able to compete in tournaments to win various prizes! If you are very good at managing your moves and have a competitive spirit, do this because it might prove a lot of fun!

Also, once you join a team for the first time you will receive free lives! So if you want a good time to join a team, try looking for one while you are at 0 lives and they are recharging. (it’s a good opportunity to spend some time looking for a team or creating one)

Along with this, you will also receive free Coins, so if that is not enough motivation, I don’t know what is!

Collect your daily bonus!

Every single day that you will log in to the game, you will be able to claim your daily bonus! This will reward you with various stuff for free, for simply logging in to the game every single day. You don’t have to play or anything, just log in to the game and that’s it!

You will receive rewards such as Gold (Coins), boosts, infinite lives (for a limited period of time), and if you are patient and log in for 25 days you will be able to even claim a fashion for Alice! But now that we mention this, let me get to the next point:

Unlock fashions and premium designs

While you are on the main game interface, you will see that there is a suitcase icon in the bottom side of the screen. Tap on it, and you will see two main tabs on the left: one with a closet and one with a shopping cart.

In the closet, you will be able to change Alice’s clothes, and give her a different look! You can obtain these clothes by buying them with coins, from daily login rewards (completely for free) and from chests. However, you will need to pass certain levels to be able to unlock and equip them, so keep on playing!

Now on the shopping cart tab, you will find one of my favorite sections: the decor section! There, you can buy with coins different designs for some non-customizable items by default, such as the lamp posts, grills, and various other cool details. (including some special ones)

So if you want to have a very unique design in game, check out these and buy them with in game coins!

When you are dealing with a difficult level, use the boosters!

Now we know that most levels can be failed quite easily, but if you are having a particularly difficult time passing a single stage, don’t forget that there are plenty of boosters to help yo out! You can choose to use the boosters while playing, that you can find on the right side of the screen, or the ones before you start the stage (by selecting them before you start).

Don’t forget to use them when you keep failing again and again, because that’s what they were made for – to help you pass the stages!

Check out our gameplay video right here:

These would be all of our Resort Hotel: Bay Story tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies that you would like to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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