Today we will take a look at everything you need to know about Redecor, as well as some tips and tricks to help you decorate spaces and win more challenges. Of course, since it’s a game that’s all about decorating, you will need to put your imagination to work as well!

Since imagination is not all you need for a successful design, we’ve prepared a few decorating tips that are definitely going to make your designs beloved by everybody. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the Redecor tips and tricks we’ve got up our sleeves!

Always try to create sleek designs

Creating a colorful design in any space can be fun, but keep in mind that it’s not all about what is fun for you, but rather what sells. You want your designs to rate high when they’re up for voting, so make sure that you create something that catches the eye, but doesn’t overstimulate it.

You want a pop of color—but not too much. You want mixed elements, but not a cocktail of wood, mixed metals, and marble. Try to create something unique, but with a pleasant look. Players usually vote for the designs that look sleek and have a touch of creativity, so don’t go too minimal, nor too complex. Aim for a healthy middle ground.

We prefer to go for something rather eclectic minimal and rate 4.7+, but that can’t always be the case. So, try to find your style and play around with the colors and textures.

Color plays an important role in every design

When designing any space, you want neutral colors to be the predominant ones, and then add a few elements of a different color as accent pieces. This will draw the eye towards the elements you want highlighted, and it will give your designs a professional feel.

Make sure you don’t combine colors that are complete opposites in the color spectrum, because these don’t always bode well with the voters. You can, of course, go for opposite colors, but that’s quite difficult to pull off. It’s best to stick to just 3-4 colors that are within the same range (let’s say pastels—you go for baby blue, powder pink, white, and grey, and you get a nice color scheme).

Try to add accent elements in your designs

Accent elements play an important role in décor, as they draw the eye towards the elements that you want highlighted. For example, you are designing a living room—you want to place a beautiful sofa, and next to it, you want to add some interesting lamps as well as other matching decors that will draw the player’s attention towards them.

Make sure you try to emphasize one element in each design, otherwise it might look dull.

Vote every day for extra bucks!

If you want extra money, make sure you vote every single day. The votes actually matter, and having a cool design will really pay off. You can vote several times a day, so if you have some spare time and want to make some money, try to do this as much as possible.

Don’t leave your designs bland

Make sure that you add décor elements whenever you have a chance. They will make a world of difference, and even if they cost some money, they might end up winning you a challenge! So, make sure that you always add something anywhere that you can.

As we mentioned above, try to follow some simple design strategies, and you’ll end up winning the challenges like a real designer!

Invest in the Season Pass

If you want to spend some money in the game, but don’t want to spend too much, then the Season Pass is definitely the way to go. You will receive exclusive rewards, and it’s definitely going to pay off. We prefer to get this instead of buying premium currency or specific items. If you have just a few bucks to spend and want to get the most out of them, the pass is a great deal.

If you plan on getting the pass, don’t get it at the end of the month—it is best bought at the start of the month, since each season lasts for that long.

Practice makes perfect

Just like with many other things, in Redecor you will learn what sells and what doesn’t. And when we say what sells, we really mean what designs rate as 5*. You will get an idea of what people like only by playing the game more, so make sure you take part in every single challenge you can, because it’s going to pay off.

If you want more Redecor rewards, then make sure to check out our Redecor redeem codes!

Do you have additional tips and strategies to help Redecor players rank high? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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  1. I have found that GENERALLY a color scheme using Browns, Blacks or Blues (BBBs) will get higher scores than Purples, Pinks or Pistachios (PPPs). ( Pistachio was the only word I could think of for green which began with a P.) White and Gray are neutral colors. I avoid using orange, red and yellow as my primary color, and use as little as possible of those 3 colors in my designs.

  2. I agree. Avoid bright bold colours especially red, purple, hot pink, orange and yellow, bright blue and green. Muted shades of these colours sometimes can be included in a design e.g. burgundy, lilac, pastel pink, burnt orange and mustard, but only in very small amounts e.g. vases or cushions etc. Also try to avoid matte painted items except black, white and possibly cream or grey – they rarely look good in Redecor. If white is too stark in a design tone it down to light grey or cream. Also try things you wouldn’t think of using in surfaces to see what they look like. I discovered that Tuscany Hickory a dark brown wood, passed for a copper shade on light fittings, meaning I didnt have to pay for expensive copper. Usually I stick to wood such as balsa, ash, milky pine, natural white or silver birch. One rule I try to stick to is if I use a pattern somewhere in the design the rest of the design is largely plain shades. You might use a patterned wallpaper on the walls, a patterned upholstery fabric on a couch or chair or a patterned duvet cover on a bed – but only one of these in any one design otherwise it can become overwhelming. Another tip that Redecor itself gives you is try to stick to a colour scheme of 3 where possible. Usually 2 base colours and 1 accent colour. These can be taken from a patterned fabric or artwork or go online and look up some ideas. Traditional schemes that just about always work are navy, white and dark brown for example or white and beige with an accent of navy or blue. Usually in my experience blue trumps most other colours – so when in doubt go blue in various shades. Usually a scheme with a base of white, cream, grey or beige works well. Save the dramatic colors e.g. black and gold, metallic shades and marble for public spaces which come up from time to time, not someone’s living room. And dont forget white. White walls are clean and fresh and bring a brightness and lightness to a room. A white couch with colourful cushions can be very eye catching and classy. Also, familiarize yourself with current decorating trends like scandi and modern etc as this can be helpful/useful. I think it has already been mentioned but adding a unique or expensive (gold) item which you may have won in a challenge or bought, can sometimes be all it takes to make your design stand out. It might be a cushion, throw or upholstery fabric. Something that people haven’t seen before and catches their eye. Likewise dont forget the classic schemes like white and balsa wood with a touch of black. These schemes though simplistic can look classy and stylish. Also remember texture – a plain scheme can be bought to life with different textures even when there isn’t much colour such as a brick wall, wooden floorboards, finger panelling etc. NEVER clash colours! Bold and gutsy though this may be it rarely goes down well with voters. Having said all that winning is sometimes random and not always logical so dont try to read too much into it. There are 5-6 challenges and 1 duel a day and if you complete each challenge twice you will have 10 chances a day to win. I find I usually win 1 in 6 challenges, so at least 1 a day and I win most duels as you can see before you start what you are up against and can design accordingly. The only thing with duels is you only win gold and cash and not items or unlocks. Finally dont forget lighting. Redecor’s developers design the rooms in 3D and then take photos at various angles to see where the light falls. You may notice this when designing that white might look grey or black shiny because of where the light falls so try different things and try to take it into account. It can be subtle but makes a difference. Personally I like my rooms to be light so rarely design dark rooms and they dont seem to rate as highly with voters but occasionally a dramatic black wallpaper I’d fun to use for a change from all the beige!

  3. Even though I’ve played Redecor game for a year now ; I’ve learned so much here and especially in the comments
    Well done guys
    Happy designs

  4. The duel challenge I don’t get it, I thought it was supposed to be your own color scheme and not copy the desighner colors…When I done my own I all ways didn’t win…the other person won because they copied color for color…so it’s not an original design…

  5. Some of the design is not all that good. Yet they win. I don’t know how some of these people are voting. If they are going on who is spinning the most money. They need to stop this game.

  6. I think yall are wanting an all dark country. Everything that is dark and bleek win. The world needs color. I see so many that decorate with the sinister colors win more often. This world needs colors. NOT DARKNESS!!!

  7. I also see people winning that doesn’t even follow what the customer wants. Like for instance if someone puts that there favorite color is blue and they want blue in the color scheme they don’t even use that color, but wins.

    • That happened to me as well, quite a lot. Sadly, there is not much we can do, other than keep trying to create something stunning even if it doesn’t exactly follow the customer’s guidelines…

  8. It is frustrating to choose a pattern swatch only to have it look different and most times, cheaper when used in the design. It is also disappointing how few choices they let us choose from. I’m getting burned out because if I only have a few, mostly ugly swatches, I can’t create to my envisioned final room.

  9. Why are all my metals black?

    I thought it was because I was a low level but I saw someone at level 2 with metal in their designs. How?

    Where are all their rules? The Facebook sites just want to see designs.

    This is FRUSTRATING!!

  10. Why are all my metals black?

    I thought it was because I was a low level but I saw someone at level 2 with metal in their designs. How?

    Where are all their rules? The Facebook sites just want to see designs.

    This is FRUSTRATING!!

  11. I don’t get how the challenges work? I always can se my opponents design before I start, but that gives my opponent a disadvantage? Or do they reuse peoples designes and everybody always can se what they will compete against?


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