Reaper 2 Resurrection Tier List: Best Resurrection in the Game


Roblox has become an incredibly popular platform for creating and playing games. Users can create unique worlds with their own rules, modes, items, and features. And one of the most interesting Roblox games is Reaper 2, based on Bleach anime, where players can become any of the anime’s characters. And in this guide, we will give you a Reaper 2 tier list of the best Resurrections. Let’s get going!

Best Resurrection in the Game

Like the original Bleach anime, Reaper 2 has three different “factions” called Races. You will need to spend spins to get one of the three Races. All of them have a different receiving rate. In the case of the Hollows, the rate is 35%.

When playing as Hollow, you will need to level up and evolve into a more powerful form. First, you need to level up to 15 to become a Menos. Then kill NPCs to become Adjucha. And finally, by raising your level to 50, you can become Vasto Lorde.

However, in each of the three stages, you can optionally remove your mask to become Arrancar, Hollow’s more powerful form. Of course, we recommend that you do not do this until you become Vasto Lorde. And also, when you remove the mask you get Resurrection. As with Shikai, you need to type Resurrection’s name in chat to activate it. And here is a ranked list of all Resurrections in the game.

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Reaper 2 Resurrection Tier List


Without a doubt, Primero is the best Resurrection. If you’re lucky enough to get it, you’ll be able to defeat most players and Bosses with ease. Other Resurrections are also great if you learn how to use them properly. And we hope this guide was helpful to you.

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Reaper 2 Resurrection Tier List: Best Resurrection in the Game


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