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Rarest Cards in Coin Master

Rarest Cards in Coin Master
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You just got a card in Coin Master and you’re not sure of its value yet? In today’s article we’ve compiled a list of the rarest cards in Coin Master so that you can properly evaluate your cards’ worth.

Some of the cards will be very difficult to obtain, while others you can obtain super easily. The ones from special events are extremely valuable, because they could be obtained for just a limited time. And, without further ado, here are the rarest cards in Coin Master.

Very Rare Cards

These are the rarest cards in game. There’s always a market for them, and players are constantly looking to obtain them.

– Martian Lettuce
– Barrel Tank
– Torero
– Farmer Feng

High Rare Cards

These are the second rarest cards in the game. While they are rare, they could be eventually obtained. Some of them are from special events, which makes them available for a limited time every year.

– Kettle
– Santa
– Creaky Crow
– Hobby Horse
– Mythical Tune
– Smoking Pipe
– Satyr
– Aztec Princess
– Elder Elk

Medium/Mid Rare Cards

These cards are the third rarest in the game. They can be obtained in certain villages and are quite valuable, but not as valuable as the previously mentioned ones.

– Excalibur
– Portly Pete
– Nessie
– Gentle Delphi
– Cleopatra
– Fighting Fred
– Baby Triss
– Tall Tim
– Fighting Monk
– Kingsfoil

Rare Cards

These are fairly rare cards, but in time you can probably collect most of them without much hassle. They are “Rare”, but they are nothing compared to the very rare ones.

– Frida
– Cheerful Chad
– Jelly Fish
– Phantom
– Mighty Wizard
– Santa’s Sled
– Holy Monk
– Evidence
– Medusa
– Fondue
– Flamur the Flutist
– Little Lenya
– Mythical Dome

Low Rare Cards

These cards are not rare, but not as common as others. Usually, you can obtain them fairly easily, from most villages. You won’t have to worry too much about collecting these cards, because eventually, you’ll get them.

– Merry Matilda
– Flamingo
– Silverback
– Genie
– Gnome House
– Scarecrow
– Santa’s Helper

Very Low Rare Cards

These are the most common cards. If you were to throw a stone in the game, you’d probably hit 2 of these cards with it. They value close to nothing, since most players can obtain them super easy.

– African Warrior
– Builder Beaver
– Caring Cathy
– Diablo
– Toto
– El Tiger
– Mastershop
– Magic Tree
– Pink Eddy
– Olympias
– Sneaky Jaguar
– Caring Cathy
– Martian Wine

These would be all the rarities of the cards in Coin Master – which cards are you still missing to complete your collection? Let me know down in the comments section below!

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Rarest Cards in Coin Master


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