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Random Merge Defense Guide: Tips & Cheats To Survive All Waves

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Random Merge Defense is a new tower defense game that throws in a little unpredictability into the mix to spice things up. Players will defend their town from encroaching monsters, and they will enlist the help of all sorts of units. If you have two of the same unit, you can merge them into a more powerful unit but you never know what you are going to get!

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In Touch Tap Play’s Random Merge Defense tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of surviving each wave of monsters and let you know some crucial tips to improve your odds of success. We will also help you manage your town, so let’s get started with our Random Merge Defense cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to survive all waves!

Start with Stage Mode

In Random Merge Defense, there are two main game modes: stage mode and infinite mode. In stage mode, you will progress through a pre-built levels that have about 30 waves each. Once you beat a stage, you may progress to the next one.

Stage mode is the main mode of the game, so we recommend you start here. When you defeat enemies in this mode, you will earn, the main currency of the game. Gold is used for a few important things which we will go over later.

Every time you clear a stage for the first time, you will earn diamonds and rubies, the premium currencies of the game. These too are required for important things.

Once you have gotten more familiar with the game, you can try your hand at infinite mode. As the name suggest, you are placed in one arena and you must fight for your life.

When you beat a wave in infinite mode, the next one will be harder. The waves will continually get harder and harder until you run out of lives. Each wave you conquer will reward you with a ruby, and reaching a new wave for the first time nets you a diamond.

Infinite mode is good for farming the preimum currencies, but you only have a limited amount of entries per day, so do not try it until you are familiar with the main mechanics and you have powered up your units a bit.

(This Random Merge Defense guide was first published on Touch Tap Play)

Surviving Waves

Random Merge Defense is a tower defense game at its core with a few gimmicks here to mix things up a bit. For starters, each basic class 1 unit costs ten energy to summon into the battlefield. The unit you get is completely random, so you will need to work with whatever you get.

If you manage to get two units of the same type, you can merge them together. True to the game’s name, the resulting hero is also random, but they will go up in class which means they become much stronger. Merging lots of units to get higher class units is the key to survival!

When you are ready, you can tap the Next Wave button to start the wave. Enemies will come down from the left side, and you need to prevent them from reaching the top right corner.

Your units will attack enemies when they get within a range. To check a unit’s range, tap on them – their range is indicated by the yellow circle. Try to maximize your unit range and cover as much ground as possible.

An important thing to keep in mind is that your units can be repositioned at any point, even when the wave is currently attacking. If an enemy sneaks past your initial group of units, you can quickly move one of your units to finish off the stragglers.

If you manage to survive all 30 waves, you will complete the stage and many rewards are waiting for you.

Unit Synergies

There are eight unit races in Random Merge Defense. These races influence the unit’s stats, and if you have multiple units belonging to the same race you will activate a unit synergy bonus.

Of course, this is harder than it sounds because you never know what kinds of units you are going to get next, so you cannot really plan around unit synergies. Instead, you can take a look at what you have and see what is worth keeping around.

The unit synergies are as follows:

  • Elf (2/4/6) – Increases bonus damage to boss monsters.
  • Angel (2) – Attack speed increase.
  • Human (3/5) – Receive bonus energy at the end of a wave.
  • Orc (3/5/7) – All units deal increased damage.
  • Wizard (2/4/6) – Splash damage range increased.
  • Dragon (2/3) – All units have increased range.
  • Fairy (2/4) – Attacks that slow enemies are more potent.
  • Demon (2/3) – All units attack faster.

The numbers in the parentheses represent how many tiers there are to that bonus. For example, the Elf bonus can activate if you have two, four, or six elves, with the highest tier providing the biggest bonus.

When you receive a bunch of units belonging to the same race, it may be worth it to hold onto those units and not merge them for the bonus. Keep an eye on the damage meter to see if those units in question are under performing to decide.

Complete Missions for Bonus Energy

When you are playing the stage mode, you are given a bonus mission at the start of the run. If you manage to complete this mission, you will earn bonus energy to supplement your energy income.

You can always use more energy, so make it a point to get these missions done as soon as possible. Lots of energy is more beneficial towards the early game than it is later.

Monitor the Damage Meter

The damage meter will display all of your units’ damage dealt. Carefully monitor the damage meter and try to pinpoint which units are underperforming.

If it is something obvious like a class 1 unit doing low damage, you can safely ignore that, but if you have a high class unit that is not doing as much damage as it should be doing, you need to fix that right away.

The unit may be positioned in a sub-optimal spot if they are doing low damage. Try to work within their range and put them in a place where they can hit as many enemies as possible.

Powering up Units

When you are back at town, you can tap on the units button to show a list of all acquired units. If you tap on a unit, you can look at their detailed stats, and you can also spend gold to level them up.

When a unit levels up, they will gain increased damage, attack speed, and range. With so many units to level up, it can be daunting choosing one. We recommend focusing on investing most of your gold into your mid to high class units, as you will be working with those most of the time.

Units can also be outfitted with equipment. Gear can increase a unit’s damage, attack speed, range, grant special passive bonuses, and more.

Equipment can be managed at the equipment section. You can pay rubies to get a random piece of gear. You can also merge two piece of gear of the same type to improve them, or sell it back for a few rubies.

Managing the Town

Your town is your base of operations, so you must look after it. There are three main integral parts of the town: the mine, the ruby storage, and the lab.

The mine will generate gold for you over time. You will need lots of gold to level up your units, so the mine should be the first thing you upgrade.

The ruby storage will generate 10 rubies for you every hour starting out. Rubies are needed to acquire more equipment, so this is important as well. Upgrading the storage will increase the amount of rubies you earn.

The lab will produce a single diamond for you every five hours. Diamonds can be used to purchase special treasure or increase the amount of equipment you can give to your units.

In addition to these structures, you can also get some freebies from the town. Every 12 hours you can get a random epic or higher grade hero for free. You can also get a high grade weapon every 24 hours. Be sure to check in and grab your freebies!

Treasure Bonuses

Be sure to take the time to look at your treasure collection as well when you are in town. Treasures are powerful relics that provide you with a permanent buff that helps you in some way. For example, the crown treasure gives you a slight chance of restoring more energy at the end of each wave.

A random treasure can be bought for five diamonds. If you get a treasure you already own, it will level up, increasing its potency. Treasure can help you out so make sure to save some diamonds!

That’s all for Random Merge Defense! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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