Raft Survival Simulator Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Look alive! You’re stranded in the middle of the ocean with nothing but a hook and your wits to keep your alive! Raft Survival Simulator is exactly what it sounds like. With hungry sharks circling around your dinky raft, you’ll need to use your hook to collect drifting debris and make whatever you can to survive. We’ll help you survive the ocean life with our Raft Survival Simulator cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Raft Survival Simulator is an interesting spin on the survival genre. You’re out in open sea so you’ll expand your raft on your own! We’ll show you how, so let’s get started with our Raft Survival Simulator ultimate survival guide!

1. Watch for barrels and crates!

In addition to the random materials you’ll find drifting by, sometimes you’ll see a barrel or a crate. Be sure to grab these as soon as you can!

Once you reel them in you’ll receive multiple random materials to help you build more stuff. Try to keep your head on a swivel to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

2. Grab the materials!

Be on the lookout for:

  • Leaves. They look like a green fuzzy pile. You’ll need these to make Rope. Sometimes they’re a little hard to see.
  • Scrap. They look like shiny white chunks. Hard to miss!
  • Planks. They look like wooden beams, as you’d expect.

Remember: the longer you charge your hook, the farther it’ll go.

3. Craft the essentials!

The first thing you’ll want to work towards when you start a new game is to craft the essentials to survival. The first thing you’ll want to make is a Mug, which allows you to collect sea water.

You’ll need scrap, so keep a look out for floating white pieces of debris – that’s scrap. After that, make a Water Purifier. You’ll need rope, planks, and scrap for it. Rope can be crafted out of two leaves.

Equip the mug and use it by water to collect seawater, then use while standing in front of the water purifier. After it’s done boiling, your water will be safe to drink!

Now, for food. We’ve found that the best way to keep yourself full is fish. To craft a Fishing Rod you’ll need the same things you did for the Water Purifier. To fish, equip the fishing rod and use it near water.

Wait for the bobble to go under water, then use it again to reel the fish in. You don’t have to wait very long for a fish to bite which makes this the premiere way of getting food.

Next you’ll need to build a Cooker, which also uses rope, planks and scrap. Use the raw fish in front of the Cooker to cook, and voila!

4. Time to build!

By now you’re probably running out of space on your raft. It’s time to expand! You’ll need a Hammer before you can start. When it’s equipped, looking at an empty part of your raft will show a green silhouette if you can build there.

A single tile costs 5 planks. It’s up to you if you want to build the advanced stuff like walls and doors, but they’re not really necessary.

5. Grow palm trees for extra wood and leaves!

Sometimes you’ll get Palm Seeds from the barrels and crates. If you craft a Palmbox, you can grow the seeds. Eventually they’ll grow into a full-fledged palm tree which you can cut down using an Axe. This is an easy way to get more planks and leaves!

6. Light your raft up!

You can create hand torches so you have an easier way of seeing during the night, but you can also make the more expensive Standing Torch. These can be placed down to give off a lot of light.

These also have the added benefit of scaring off the shark passively. If you put a couple of standing torches around the perimeter of your raft, you should have no shark problems anymore.

7. Make some item nets!

At this point in the game you’re pretty much setup for easy survival. With the shark at bay and plenty of water and food to go around, you can start crafting whatever you like. To make things easier, we recommend building a couple of Item Nets.

You can build these using the hammer. Item nets look identical to plain old wooden tiles, but they have a net opening in the center. If a floating item drifts into it, it’ll get stuck there waiting for you to collect it.

You’ve probably noticed this by now but the items always spawn on one side of the world and drift in the same direction.

Find out which direction they come from then place down a bunch of item nets in a straight line, covering as much distance as you can. You’ll have no problems with materials after you get a couple of these down.

8. Extra stuff!

  • We never found a use for the Crowbar. If you’ve discovered something, let us know in the comments below!
  • The Seedbox lets you plant potatoes. Harvesting them will get you two potatoes in return. While this is an alternative way to getting food, we found it easier to just fish.
  • The Chest lets you store items for safekeeping. In the event that you get eaten by the shark, you’ll lose anything that wasn’t in the chest. You can make it if you really think you’ll be in danger, but it’s mostly unnecessary as long as you’re careful about not falling in the water.

That’s all for Raft Survival Simulator. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave us a comment below!

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Raft Survival Simulator Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. Jeremy I don’t know if you ever even come back to these reviews after you write them but after playing this game to the fullest possible extent (not too far) I did everything but use a crowbar, which I had no clue what their obscure riddle clue meant it was for. So I scoured the internet and here you were for me, confirming my theory that it was for absolutely nothing. I just wanted to thank you though for taking the time to right this all out for this seemingly simple game, I enjoyed the style and the whole article in my research. I’ll be with you waiting for a game update, in anxious wait for an answer to our unnerving question.

  2. i like the game but i think that after a tree is cut down it should always drop like 2 seeds because i find my self always being out of tree seeds.

  3. My shark doesn’t attack my base anymore like at all? I’be made a 3 story building and it’s never attacked the place.
    What if the crowbar deters the shark? Like in the beginning it attacked but not anymore

  4. The standing torches will deactiveate the shark in a 10 or so block radius So build them around that mark and the shark won’t attack and I’ve found that the crowbar does nothing about the shark or anything

  5. VERY VERY GOOD COMMENT butttt….. the crowbar does actually do something try using the crow bar on a table and bench and a chair all RIGHT next to each other in a line I know it’s wierd but it destroys those items and gives you a thing called a greenhouse U can place this and it can hold like 4 palm trees or potatoes the good thing is it creates a full palm. Tree from a baby palm tree in less than 20 seconds VERY USEFULL EVERYONE SHOULD TRY IT

  6. Mate Thanks For That Amazing Tip Now I Have 6 Greenhouse all with potatoes so EASY to farm them I got more than 300 potatoes in 3 minutes

  7. Hey Guys We Have A Way Finally To Use The Crowbar I Have Done It MySelf So Thanks For The Very Nice Comments But The Only Way To Use The CrowBar So Far Is By Putting A Table A Bench And. Chair All Next To Each Other As Close As You Can Then Hitting It With The Crowbar 10 Times After That They Will All Break And You’ll Recive 1 GreenHouse Whitchurch Is A 4 x 4 Block That Can Hold Palm Trees And Potatoes Whitch Grows Really Fast In There

  8. I just started the game and fell in the water right away and I can’t get back on the raft. I just keep getting attacked by sharks. How do I get back onto the raft?! Is there an icon I press to move forward? So frustrating I’m about to delete the game.

  9. Does anyone else seem to have any issue with never having enough scrap to build aa water purifier?? I can get plenty of other stuff but never can seem to get enought scrap

  10. I have played the computer version, but so far I am having a hard time with the app for my phone. I can fill a can with salt water and then I can’t seem to get it to boil. You said use it near a water purifier. I have tried everything I can think of to click but I can’t get it to cook.

    • Mouse over the purifier with the can of water and press E. Press E again to remove the purified water when it’s ready, and left click when holding the can in order to drink it.

  11. I’m stuck on the island part. “I need to carefully inspect and unfamiliar are and settle here.” I’m at a loss to what it means, I’ve gone to the island but you can’t build on it.

  12. I’ve built on the island across the bridge that’s already there I walked through the cave entrance and came out the other side . My generator is working the 2 lights I have, but not my sawmill it says cut 10 logs . I don’t have them in my bag but when I go to build I have over 100 logs. How do I get the logs for sawmill to work?


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