Raft Survival Ocean Nomad Guide: Tips & Cheats To Surviving At Sea


A mysterious cataclysm has left the world completely flooded, and when your flight across world gets shot down by an unknown assailant, you are forced to fight for survival! Raft Survival Ocean Nomad is a open ocean survival game where you will live off the land as you built a raft to call your own and explore nearby deserted islands.

In our Raft Survival Ocean Nomad, we will show you the basics of surviving out in the open sea and how to get more gear. It is a harsh world out there, but with a little bit of practice, you too can become a master survivalist. Let’s get started with our Raft Survival Ocean Nomad cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to surviving at sea!

Fishing Materials Out of the Sea

You start the game out only with a hook. You can toss this hook out into the ocean to reel in materials that drift by, like logs, thatch, and more. Whenever you have an idle moment, you should always take the hook out and start fishing for more supplies. You never know what you will find!

In addition to raw materials and junk, you can also find storage containers like crates, chests, and barrels. These containers will contain a random assortment of items, so you should always grab them if you see them.

The one caveat is that while crates and barrels are opened immediately, chests contain rarer items and can only be opened by watching an advertisement. If you do not want to waste your time with ads, then go ahead and skip the chests. Everything else is fair game though!

Managing Bodily Needs

Your three main stats are health, hunger, and thirst. As the tutorial explained, you will gradually get hungrier and thirstier as time goes on, and weather conditions can also affect you as well.

Sometimes you may get lucky by finding bottles of water and canned food in crates and barrels, but for the most part you are going to have to rely on nature to keep your health up. Your fishing net will catch fish for you over time, and then you can cook them with the campfire. The rain catcher will take care of water for you.

Both of these processes take time, so make sure that you have them queued up if you are getting hungry or thirsty. You do not want to be caught below 30 hunger or thirst waiting for an item to finish!

If you are planning to go out on an expedition for an extended amount of time, be sure to bring some food and water with you. You do not want to be caught on an unknown island with no supplies!

Understanding Processes

In Raft Survival Ocean Nomad, you have up to three “processes”. Processes are basically any crafting task that your workbenches perform. Campfire cooking a fish? That is a process. Rain catcher catching water? That is also a process!

When a process is active and the timer is counting down, you lose one of your three processes. You gain the process back after the crafting is finish, but if you use all three at once you cannot start any other processes until one of the current ones finishes.

You can use doubloons to temporarily increase the maximum amount of processes you can work with, but in our opinion we do not think it is worth it, considering how hard it is to get doubloons.

What to Spend Doubloons on

Doubloons are precious golden coins, and they serve as the game’s premium currency. There are a lot of restrictions when you play Raft Survival Ocean Nomad, from inventory limits to crafting limits – there is seemingly no end to them.

To help alleviate some of the frustration, doubloons can be spent on improving certain things. The first and foremost thing you can upgrade is to expand your inventory, and we recommend this being your first action. Being able to carry more stuff is always helpful, no matter the situation.

You can also spend doubloons on expanding crafting station’s crafting slots. While this sounds like a good idea as you can queue up multiple things, bear in mind that you still only have three processes to divvy out, so you can easily just blow all of your processes in one station and not be able to crafting anything else.

Finally, as mentioned previously, you can temporarily increase the max amount of processes you have by paying doubloons. The more you pay, the longer the bonus processes last. Of course, we also do not really think this is a good use of your doubloons. In the end, we highly recommend just using them to improve your inventory space by unlocking new cells and tabs.

To get more doubloons as a free player, you need to complete the quests. The main quests will always reward you with at least one doubloon, and you get two if you watch an advertisement. You will also receive a set of three daily quests every day that reward a double each, so make sure you complete those before the day is over.

Follow the Quests for Crafting Station Progression

The main quests will lead you down the general progression route, and it will teach you about the advanced crafting stations. You will be mainly creating the refinery stations, and these are the crafting stations that let you turn raw materials into more advanced stuff.

The Furnace can turn clay into bricks, the sawmill can turn logs into wooden boards, and so forth. If you want to create the better gear and structures, you will need to start to making the advanced materials.

Salvaging Islands

At any point you can use your smaller sailboat to sail to a nearby island. These islands are randomly generated and they can contain a variety of fauna and flora, so be sure to take the time to check them out. The perfect time to do so is after you load up all of your processes.

Islands can contain wild animals which can be hunted for meat and materials, and they also contains ore veins that can be mined with a pickaxe for precious minerals. There are also trees, but you do not really need to worry about logs as long as you consistently using your hook to fish out the logs that drift by your raft.

There are even hidden bunkers on some islands, but you need a lot of rare and hard to get materials to open them. It is worth it though, as these bunkers often contain all sorts of super rare equipment and treasure. They also start the story line of the game, and you can see how the world came to be.

Here is a tip: make sure to bring some lockpicks with you when you head out to an island. Islands are full of locked crates and cargo, and these things have a random chance to give you rare loot. To open them, you have to either use a lockpick or watch an ad, and we know how tiresome the ads can get. You can craft lockpicks at the raft.

Attacking other Rafts

In addition to the islands, you can also see other players’ rafts. You can attack their rafts and try to steal their items and equipment, but be warned – the game keeps a log of all players who attack, so it is very likely the player you attack will seek revenge.

You can get some good loot this way obviously, but be prepared for the consequences. Try to put your chests and other precious facilities inside a locked room on your raft, as players will attempt to break down your raft to try to steal your stuff.

If you are going to be actively participating in PvP, make sure you start using the better raft materials. The regular raft platforms that you craft with just logs will not cut it against armed players – you will need the reinforced pieces that use the wooden boards at the very minimum.

One Final Mystery

One of the islands you can go to has another bunker. Once you open it, you will need to build the Radio Outlet on your raft, but in order to get further into the bunker you need a special keycard to access it.

We have searched high and low for this mysterious key card, but we came up with nothing. If you know the secret to this special bunker or where this key card is, leave us a comment below!

And that wraps up our guide on Raft Survival Ocean Nomad. With these tips, you should be able to hold your own in the game while advancing the story. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Raft Survival Ocean Nomad Guide: Tips & Cheats To Surviving At Sea


  1. So everyone is asking about the key card I had found it and used it on the main large bunker door! I had to use my materials in the bunker door to get it opened and then it was locked and had to use the keycard to open it

  2. I had no problem finding the key card for the door, located in one of the crates on the island. Assuming there is only one, I think this problem has been fixed.

  3. Once you put the plane together and fill it with fuel, is there anything else in the game? I have filled it several times and only get dabloons. Also there are no more Main Quests for me to do. Several of the islands I still can’t make it to because they “soon will be available”. Is there any more to the game then where I currently am?

    • How did you find the fuel? I’m stuck there in the story… I also noticed there are no more main quests given to me, and I can’t access the islands with a red mark. I don’t know if this is normal, but I can’t get chests out of the water anymore, and there are tons of them floating.

      • The fuel is on Gulage Island to the east of Smugglers Island (where the plane is). I am also having the same problems. Idk if it’s a game glitch or what. I hope getting the plane fueled and ready isn’t the end of the game, would be pretty anticlimactic. Especially since I can’t even reach any of the Red Islands.

    • My issues exactly there nothing else to do but maybe build more on the raft and I spent cash on this game such a waste of time and money. I can’t get to any other island and I have fixed the plane and did the lighthouse they only give off Coins smh uugghhh

  4. I am getting 10-20 chests floating by at a time , but no way to pick them up any more. Is this a glitch? I used to be able to pick up 3 at a time, wait their allotted time and then open. Not any more. Booo :(

  5. Hello
    anyone know how to stop the shark to break the raft.. in the original game raft shark stop break the platforms when u reinforces with metal, in here already try the metal platforms,the fence and the sparkle and he still break the platforms

    • Had the same problem. What I ended up doing is after i built walls on my raft, I placed random ‘section of raft’ pieces behind me on the water (just something for it to chew on) and it hasn’t chewed my boat since. Eventually, I just had a huge “section of raft’ island sort of trailing behind me. Lol. Also, it helps that you keep it there, so you can do other things while the shark is occupied with it.

    • My entire raft is levitated above the water. Sharks cannot attack what they cannot bite. Every floor of my raft has absolutely no pillars whatsoever. Each one of my floors is completely levitating on its own. If you put a pillar directly above a pillar that’s in place then that pillar can be either moved or destroyed. Here’s what you do, first understand that one pillar will hold up four sections of raft. So space your pillars out accordingly, one every other section of raft in every direction. Next, build your stairway, but pillars need to be away from the stairs or stairs will not be able to be built. (You can’t put a staircase next to pillars} next once you have completed the ceiling or the next floor {floor 2) above all of those pillars, go back downstairs where all the pillars are. Looking UP in between the boards place a pillar directly above the pillar that’s in place. Now that pillar that has a pillar directly above it can be moved. Grab it and place it above the next pillar. Then that pillar will be free to be moved place it over the next pillar. Keep doing this until you have no more pillars on this level. When you climb upstairs to floor number two you will see that all of your pillars are laid out perfectly for the next floor. Now, if you care to, you can destroy the entire floor that’s on the water. Leave yourself a ladder to get to floor number two, and also leave a fishnet down there, a net for resources, and anchor if you like in a motor if you like. Now sharks if they do attack your raft, you will not be frozen to have to go and fight them you will be able to just continue going about your business building your raft. Eventually you will get very very good at placing pillars above pillars on the floor above. In the beginning just peek in between the boards and you will see when your pillar is lined up. That’s the whole trick, as long as there’s a pillar directly above an existing pillar, the existing pillar can be moved or destroyed. This counts for everything. Some sections of my raft are three stories above the actual water. I probably have 14 stories, all kinds of square footage, and not a single pillar in my entire complex. All of my floors are wide open. I hope I did a good job explaining this, I think I’m working on my fourth raft right now, I just can’t figure out what resources Joe needs to give me the scheme that’s where I’m stuck.

      • I think I understand how what you did with the pillars but I’m still not sure how you got your raft to completely float. I had walls on my first floor and it won’t let me remove those. So it won’t really be floating.

  6. Does anyone know how to climb up the building with on the second island close to the raft? I can go on some storage crates but I can’t get to the building from there

    • I can’t find any clue and go furthermore in LIGHTHOUSE automatically directed from the map I tapped when I see the last MAIN QUESTS, “In exchange for the scheme, Joe asks to bring him resources, but the choice is not great ”.

  7. I am at the part where I need an assault rifle and i’m on level 17 but I don’t know how to get or make an assault rifle. any tips? they already took the plane and i’ve met joe. key card doesn’t work. that’s where i’m at.


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