Horizon Chase

Last week we have reported that a nice arcade racing game called Horizon Chase was going to be released this week on the App Store in all regions. The game offers an arcade experience that’s not all that different from classic games such as Outrun and many others.

Today Horizon Chase has finally been made available on the App Store. The game developed by Aquiris Game Studio can be purchased for $2.99.

Horizon Chase plays pretty much like Outrun and other similar games, with players taking part in high speed races, avoid traffic, pick up fuel tanks and try to reach the goal in the first position. The high speed of the racing experience featured by Horizon Chase will surely be appreciated by all those who like arcade racing games. The game also comes with some more modern features that will make the experience more enjoyable such as different control schemes and more. If you own a controller, you will also be able to use it.

Horizon Chase is now available for purchase on the App Store in all regions for the price of $2.99. The game seems just perfect to play on the go for a few minutes so make sure to check it out if you have been looking for a new game to play on the go.



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