RacerKing Guide: Tips & Cheats To Become the King

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The arena is collapsing and there are three other cars trying to shove you off the edge! Drive to survive in RacerKing, a car battle royale where players fight to be the last one remaining on the stage. The floor collapses behind racers, so they will need to be constantly moving in order to avoid falling off!

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Touch Tap Play’s RacerKing tips and tricks guide will go over all of the strategies you need to know in order to become the almighty RacerKing, so let us get on with the races in our RacerKing cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to become the king!

Getting a Feel for Driving

RacerKing is a pretty straightforward driving game with simple touch and swipe controls. You can swipe around on the screen to steer, and the longer your swipes the harder you will turn. Try to use gentle swipes so that you do not accidentally steer yourself off the arena.

Each car can also jump into the air. It is not a big jump, but it can get you over gaps that other players leave behind. One thing to keep in mind is that the jump is heavily influenced by your forward momentum.

Jumping when you are barely moving will result in a really weak jump, and it can mess you up if you do it too close to an edge. Get some speed before you jump to clear gaps easily!

(This RacerKing guide was first published on Touch Tap Play)

Watch the Red Floors

Now that you know the controls, it is time to go for the win! At the start of a match four cars will start off in the outer edges of arena, and everyone will be pointed towards the center. You can remain on a collision course, or you can break off.

You need to beware of the floor when it turns red regardless of whichever path you take. Cars driving over white floor will make them turn red, then about a second later the floor will disappear. You can catch your opponents in bad spots if you are fast enough!

You will need to be fast with your driving and jumping if you want to avoid the floor bottoming out below you. Do not trail behind other players unless you are very close to them, as that is just asking to get thrown off.

Make sure to get lots of speed and jump if you find yourself getting blocked off by your opponents. Just make sure that you do not accidentally fling yourself off the arena!

Cut Opponents Off for Easy Score

One of the best tactics for taking out an opponent is to drive very close to them and try to cut them off. Force them to move towards one side of the arena and stay close to them so that you can keep forcing them your way.

Eventually you will be able to completely wall off an opponent if you are fast enough. After they are recovering from a bad turn, quickly drive in a circle around them to wall them off. Do this fast enough and they will not be able to get enough speed to clear the gap.

To further secure a kill, try to predict where they might jump to. The opponent might try to jump the gap if they have enough breathing room, so keep and eye on them and watch where they are going.

You can drive ahead of them and go around in circles to clear a potential escape route. They may be able to jump the first gap, but they will fall into your second gap!

Buy Yourself Time

You will eventually find yourself in a sticky situation where you are quickly running out of real estate. If you find yourself getting closed in by multiple players, try to buy yourself some time.

The floors will eventually regenerate after a few seconds, so if you can hold out until then you should be able to jump the gap. You can steer around the edge of your little area, but do not make any crazy paths that you cannot cross.

Wait until the other players lose interest in you and then go for the jump – just make sure you are clear before you do so!

Stay Away from the Chaos

Another perfectly viable strategy is to simply ignore your opponents until they get rid of each other, then go for the kill.

To be more specific, at the beginning of a round drive away from the center where the other three drivers will most likely be. Hang out around the edges of the arena and keep your eyes at the top right corner of the screen.

When a player is eliminated their name will disappear off from the board in the corner, so use that to your advantage. Wait until there is only one opponent left, and then go in and try to trick them up by driving in front of them and trapping them with gaps.

Getting Rank Points

You get more rank points (the crowns) whenever you finish a game. The amount of points you get depends on your place in the match:

  • 1st place: 10 points
  • 2nd place: 6 points
  • 3rd place: 3 points
  • 4th place: 1 point

You also earn coins that can be spent in the shop for buying new cars. The odd thing is that you can only spend 100 coins at a time, so to unlock the more expensive cars you will need to tap the buttons multiple times.

However, your rank points stay consistent and they presumably increase the difficulty of the AI, so the better you do the harder your opponents will be. Be prepared for a fight once you start accumulating rank points!

Do not Worry About the Ad Cars

Every time you clear a match – win or lose – you will earn some progress towards a new car. You will be presented with the new car when the meter hits 100%, but to actually use the car you need to watch an advertisement.

Do not worry if you do not want to watch an ad at the moment – these cars can be unlocked normally once you rack up enough coins. You simply have to purchase the car from the shop, though you will never know what you get until you pay.

The game will try to lure you in with supposedly “limited-time” deals, but they actually are not, so do not sweat it!

That’s all for RacerKing. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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RacerKing Guide: Tips & Cheats To Become the King

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