Bloop! That’s the sound these cute and bouncy balls make when they start rolling and hit the ground. Bloop Go! is a new multiplayer physics-based racing game. That’s a new one, isn’t it?

Choose from a variety of multicolored bloops to play as, and then roll your way into the races online. Random opponents are chosen for you in real-time, so bring your A game! There are five unique worlds to roll around in, each with their own unique tracks.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a party racing game if there weren’t fun and crazy power ups to use. Unleash globs of bloop on your opponents to blind them, electrify yourself to become a shocking ball of doom, or just block out the competition with your own personal bubble shield. Well-timed usage of these power ups is key to victory!

And if you weren’t convinced yet, these bloops are made out of full-on goop! That means they will bend, compress, and stretch, just like real goo would. You will need to utilize actual physics to get around some of the trickier courses due to you being, well, a blob and all. That usually doesn’t call for much movement!

Climb leaderboard and show the world who is the best bloop! Grab Bloop Go! from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store now!


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