Race Team Manager Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Rise up the ranks and become the number one race team boss in Race Team Manager! RTM is a team management game with small action racing mini games here and there. Work your way up with the help of our Race Team Manager cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Ready to become the pinnacle of motorsports and win all of the championships with our Race Team Manager cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide?

1. Select the driving mode that best fits your situation!

There are three driving modes for you to switch between during races.

  • Balanced driving is the normal driving mode. Fuel and Tyres consumption rate is normal, and you have a regular chance for overtakes and slipstreams.
  • Cautious driving is the reserved driving mode. Fuel and Tyres consumption rate is slower than usual, but you will get less overtake chances.
  • Aggressive driving is the all-out driving mode. Fuel and Tyres consumption rate is very fast, but you will get overtakes and slipstreams very often.

For me, the best strategy is to start out with aggressive driving. This will get you up the positions in the race pretty quickly, and whenever you reach first, switch to cautious mode so you can go as long as you can before you have to pit stop.

2. Be prepared for all of the race events!

When the actual races take place, you’ll be stopped when there’s a chance to overtake someone or if another racer is trying to overtake you!

  • Block occurs when the racer behind you is riding on your slipstream. They will approach you from behind, then suddenly veer to the right or left. Wait until they do so, then quickly swipe in the direction they turn to block them successfully.
  • Slipstream happens when you’re drafting the racer in front of you. It’s basically the opposite of Block, where you take the place the car trying to overtake the lead car. Wait until you’re close to the lead car, then swipe left or right to zoom around them. You want to wait as long as you can, but not too long or else you’ll crash!
  • Overtake is another pass up maneuver. You will be put in a first person perspective, and you have to turn efficiently. You have to tilt the device for this, so be prepared to level out your device if necessary. Don’t tilt too much as that might send you reeling into the car you’re trying to overtake, but fine tune your steering so that you take the turn very clean.
  • Avoid happens when multiple cars in front of you crash and there’s a big pile up! To avoid them, you must draw a line with your finger directing your car around the pile up. This is relatively easy to do, so you don’t need to worry about this one too much.
  • Pit Stops will happen automatically once you run out of fuel and tyres or if you manually activate it. Your car will pull into the pit stop for a tune up, and five blue circle will appear on your tyre. Quickly tap on all of these circles to remove your tyre. A new tyre will replace it, and you have to tap the circles again. Once you do it the second time, you’ll be back on the road. Do this as fast as you can, as racers will continue to pass you up the longer you take.

3. Perform well to gain experience for your crew!

At the end of each race, you will earn experience for several different factors.

  • Your driver will gain experience based on how many successful overtakes you pull off. A higher level driver means
  • Your mechanic will gain experience based on how much damage you take during race. No crashes mean a full experience gain.
  • Your sponsor will gain experience depending on whether or not you met the position criteria. At the start of each race it’ll tell you to place a specific position or better to get experience.

A higher level driver will qualify you up the Grid, meaning access to better upgrades. A better mechanic will recover your Service meter faster, and the higher level your sponsor is the more bonus money you’ll earn at the end of a race. If you have extra cash to spare, you can also level them up outside of races by training them.

4. Keep your car upgraded!

There is no bad or mixed upgrade in this game, so the best way to upgrade your car is to go down the list and make sure no category is neglected. Upgrade as much as you can, as the performance upgrades are very useful! To me, the most useful upgrades though are the efficiency upgrades. These will improve your fuel and tyres so you can last longer during the races.

5. Buy the facilities!

Facilities unlock extra additions to your line up, such as more upgrades, passive bonuses, etc. The most important facility to build is the Communications option, as this will increase the speed at which your Service meter fills up. The Service meter is essentially the energy system of this game; as you partake in races, it naturally deteriorates, with crashes lowering it even faster. It refills overtime, but how fast depends on your mechanic. The Communications upgrade is pretty useful for speeding it up.

6. Buy cars with better efficiency!

When you unlock a new championship to race in, you have to buy a new car to match the criteria of the championship. When buying new cars I always like to go for better efficiency, so that it allows me to drive more aggressive for much longer. Handling helps during the overtake segments, but otherwise isn’t that valuable. Power helps in general, but you should always aim for better efficiency.

Those should be good starting tips. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below. Until next time!

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Race Team Manager Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. I can never do the pit stop without conceding two places. Are there any tips on how to do it? Im tryin to tap the bolts as fast as i can wiv my finger individually but its always around 6.50 seconds.


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