QuestLord 2

A brand new role-playing game called QuestLord 2, the sequel to the popular QuestLord, was supposed to release this week in all regions on iOS and Android. Unfortunately, those waiting for the game will have to wait a little bit longer to get their virtual hands on it.

Today, the developer confirmed that QuestLord 2 has been officially delayed. A critical bug has been discovered, and it will require some time to fix it. The game will now release sometime next month.

QuestLord 2 takes everything that made the original QuestLord great and expands it considerably. As its heart, it will still be a classic, first-person role-playing game filled with locations to explore, items to collect, monsters to defeat and so on.

The original QuestLord also gave players plenty of freedom in experiencing the game. The game features different races, and the starting point of the adventure changes depending on the chosen race during character creation. The whole experience is not linear, so it’s possible to explore any of the maps in any order.

QuestLord 2 launches next month on iOS and Android in all regions.


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