If you’re an RPG fan who has yet to play Questland, now’s your chance. It’s a dynamic RPG with ongoing live events to satisfy your craving for quests, loot, epic boss fights, and crafting. Add to the mix the game’s unique art style and character customization features and you’ve got a first-person RPG adventure that truly stands out.

When you first dive into Questland, you’ll want to create your hero. The game allows you to choose every part of your characters appearance, from hairstyle to facial structure. It’s a great way to add a bit of your personality to your in-game persona.

Once that’s settled, you can dive head first into everything Questland has to offer. There’s a long list of exciting things to do. Feel free to work on your crafting skills, or compete with others to take down immense boss monsters. The game hosts regular live events, ensuring you’ll never get bored.

As you begin to make a name for yourself in Questland, you’ll start to amass an impressive collection of gear. There are tons of unique armor pieces that you can collect to both improve your character’s appearance and boost your defenses. You’ll find plenty of weapons in your time with the game, allowing you to customize your character’s specialties on the battlefield. You can choose from any number of classic weapons, including swords and battle axes. You’ll need to make sure every piece of your character’s armor works together to give you the strategic advantage in combat.

Questland offers up a rich, ever-changing fantasy world for you to explore. You can get started today on iOS. Android users, fear not – a version is coming to Google Play quite soon.


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