Quite often here on Touch Tap Play we have talked about some really creatve and innovative games that try to break the boundaries between gaming genres and offer some truly unique experience. Today, we will be taking a break from this and talk about a game that does exactly what one expects it to do.

Quest Of Dungeons is a very typical roguelike experience that just offers a soldi gameplay experiencer without trying to break genre conventions. It’s a turn based dungeon crawler where gamers will have to fight enemies, kill bosses, get items and everything that comes with roguelikes games. Quest Of Dungeons also features four different playable classes with some unique abilities that will force you to changer your playstyle depending on the chosen class. The dungeons of the game are procedursally generated so expect being busy with the game for quite a long time.


Quest of Dungeons may not be the most original experience around but it’s a solid roguelike game that will make fans of the genre happy. With the App Store lacking such a game, we can be sure that it will do quite well.

Quest Of Dungeons launches on the App Store tomorrow in all regional stores.




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