If we told you that VMOD was a game that let you solve visual quantix equations, what would your reaction be like? Completely bewildered? Because that was our reaction, but we were quickly entranced by VMOD‘s simplistic yet complex puzzles.

In this interesting puzzle game, side-effects are the name of the game. A typical level in VMOD will present the player with buttons of some sort. Tapping on one button may affect another button, and it is up to you to figure out the key to it all.

It does not seem like an amazing concept, but VMOD takes this idea and builds upon it with over 50 challenging puzzles for you to solve. With each new puzzle comes new mechanics on top of the old ones, so prepare yourself for a mental challenge.

VMOD should also be noted for the complete lack of in-game ads and in-app purchases. The UI is designed in a very minimalistic way, and the entire experience is built to get you in the zone.

Put on your thinking caps, because VMOD is available now for 0.99 USD on the App Store.


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