Kenny Sun, the developer behind minimalist geometric puzzle games like Kubrix and Yankai’s Peak, is back with an all new game: Peak’s Edge, a puzzle roguelike game where you must defend your pyramid from all sorts of threats!

Players will take control of their own pyramid as it rolls and battles its way through procedurally generated levels. Your pyramid has multiple sides, and the core mechanic of the game is approaching enemies as efficiently as possible.

Each side of your pyramid can be equipped with different kinds of armor, and the armor will determine how clashes are resolved when you collide with an enemy. Smart use of armor is required if you are going to get far!

The game will also test your spatial awareness, as you must plan out your moves and think of the positions you will be in when you reach your enemies. Re-orienting yourself is a necessity to get the right side, so think strategically!

Your pyramid also has access to special skills that allow it to manipulate the board to your liking. Skillful use of these abilities can save any dire situation!

Peak’s Edge is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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