A new unique puzzle game is now available on the App Store, a game that comes with a really intriguing setting and gameplay experience.

Zero Age, developed by Majd Akar and Hosni Auji, is a game featuring an incredible atmosphere. Each of the game’s stage is set in a beautiful and somewhat haunting location that enhances the mystery surrounding the whole, since nothing is explained in-game about the overall premise. Players will be controlling a man who seems to be a wizard with the power to use Beams to solve the game’s puzzle. Beam powers are quite varied, allowing players to create and move blocks and much more.

Zero Age’s puzzles are also quite varied, tasking players to create stairs with these blocks and block some deadly lasers, which makes the game feel even more mysterious.

Zero Age’s age approach doesn’t seem to different from the one featured in another iOS puzzle game released recently, Monument Valley. However the setting of Zero Age seems to be even more interesting, thanks to the shroud of mystery surrounding the whole game.

Zero Age is now available on the App Store for only $2.99. The game can only be played on iPad as of now but we will let you know if it will become available for iPhone as soon as possible so stay tuned for all the latest news.



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