Little Nightmares is one of the most interesting games released by Bandai Namco in recent times on PC and consoles, so it was not surprising when the Japanese publisher announced Very Little Nightmares, a mobile prequel of the original game.

The game was supposed to release on May 30th, but it seems like it’s already available worldwide.

Very Little Nightmares is now available for purchase for $6.99 on the App Store in all regions. An Android version hasn’t been announced so far, but there’s a very good chance that it will in the near future.

Very Little Nightmares has been developed by Alike Studios, the team behind Love You To Bits and Bring You Home. The game is a puzzle adventure game where players take control of The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat as she tries to escape from an old mansion.

As it is set before the events of the first game, Very Little Nightmares gives players additional details on the girl. The game also tests players’ skills with a variety of puzzles and dangers that could put an end to the girl’s life.

Very Little Nightmares is now available in all regions on the App Store. An Android version has yet to be confirmed.


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