Match three puzzle games are among the more successful titles available on the App Store, thanks to the easy to pick up and play experience that makes them perfect to play on the go. Unfortunately there isn’t much variety in the actual experiences, with only a few titles managing to stand out thanks to some interesting twists in the formula.

One of these titles is TWIST3D, a new puzzle game develoepd by Chroma Studios now available on the App Store. In the game players will control a cube and rotate layers so to line up three or more blocks and destroy them with a tap. This is a rather nice spin of the match-3 formula that makes the game quite engaging.

TWIST3D is also packed with content. The main game features a total of 90 stages as well as unlockable boosters, different challenge types and more.

TWIST3D is a really unique match three puzzle game that all fans of the genre will surely appreciate. If you’re curious about the game, the only thing you have to do is download it from the App Store, as the game is now available for free.



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