A new puzzle game will be released on the App Store later this week, a unique title with a really interesting gameplay mechanic at its core.

Find The Line, developed by Stigol LLC, is a puzzle game where players will have to find the right lines to draw a specific image. To find these lines, players will have to tap and then use a slider found at the bottom of the screen to move the line in a number of possible positions. Once the right one has been found, players will have to repeat the process until the image is complete. Optional stars and keys will require other lines, making each stage somewhat more challenging for those wanting to push themselves further.

The Find The Line’s gameplay experience seems to be a different take of the one featured in another recent puzzle game Blek so if you have loved it, there’s a good chance you will like Find The Line as well. Blek seems to be a little bit more refined, that’s for sure, but Find The Line definitely has its own unique charm.

Find The Line will be released on the App Store later this week. The game is going to be released as a free to play game with IAPs.



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