Crafty Candy

Halloween is around one month away and several games inspired by this spooky holiday will be released on the App Store. Among them will be a rather sweet match three puzzle game that fans of the genre will surely enjoy.

In Crafty Candy players will take control of Candice, an apprentice candy witch who stravels through Charmville with her companion Cookie the cat. To become the ultimate candy witch, Candice will have to overcome various difficulties with the help of her candy magic.

Crafty Candy is a match three puzzle game so players will have to match three or more symbols to clear the screen and complete stages. During the game players will be able to discover more spells and special ingredients that will make clearing stages easier than before.

Crafty Candy is also going to be compatible with the Apple Watch. The game’s Apple Watch companion app will allow players to take care of Cookie the cat and obtain some nice rewards for their effort.

Crafty Candy will be released sometime next month on the App Store in all regions. A precise launch date has yet to be confirmed but we will let you know more on the matter as soon as possible.



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