The mighty King Rabbit is on a quest to journey across the land, and he will need your help ot make it through. His adventure will take him across lush forests, snowy ice caps, sizzling hot volacnos, and more.

King Rabbit is a simple yet charming puzzle adventure game where players take on the role of King Rabbit. The game works in a top-down perspective using tiles to shape the world. The King can move from tile to tile, and almost every tile has a use.

Each level in King Rabbit focuses on tile manipulation. Cannot cross a river? Try pushing a block onto the water to create a bridge. Need to clear some trees out of the way? Push the block that shoots fireballs out to burn the trees down. It is all about changing the world to push forward.

Since the King is, well, a rabbit, he is not exactly quite fitted for combat. King Rabbit will encounter many deadly foes during his adventure, and he will need to outsmart them in order to proceed. Push blocks, create new paths, and try to lead your enemies into traps. Brains over brawn!

Once you have finished King Rabbit’s journey, the game also has a built-in level creator mode. Players can create their own puzzle filled levels which can be uploaded and played by other players around the world. Read comments, earn tips, and keep building awesome levels. Play other curated levels from other players too!

King Rabbit is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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