Welcome to Puppy Town, the fuzziest little town with a quickly growing population! Puppy Town is an idle merging game where you raise a ton of cute little puppies. You start out with a basic shiba inu, but merging two will create a siberian husky! Keep merging to discover all sorts of fluffy friends and build your town!

In our Puppy Town tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of merging and how to get a lot of money and puppies quickly. Let’s get started with our Puppy Town cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to get lots of puppies!

Starting your Puppy Town

When you first start out, your town will be kind of small and you will only have a few spots to work with. Have no fear though – your town will start to expand sooner than you think.

Your first order of action is to get two shiba inus. You will get one automatically over time, but you can speed up the process by tapping the puppy button at the bottom of the screen. The faster you tap it, the faster you will get a free puppy.

When you have two shiba inus, you can drag them onto each other to level them up, which turns them into a siberian husky! Higher level puppies will generate more money for you automatically, so you want to make the highest level puppy possible.

This is the core gameplay loop of Puppy Town! Wait for your puppies to make money, receive new puppies, and then merge them to create higher level puppies to make even more money!

Getting New Puppies

As we mentioned, you will receive basic shiba inu puppies automatically over time when the button at the bottom of the screen fills up. If you want to speed things, you can tap on the button to shorten the time.

Alternatively, you can also straight up buy puppies from the shop if you have the money to do so. Be careful about doing this though – the puppies start out relatively cheap, but the more you do this, the more expensive the puppies will be.

Each breed of puppy will permanently go up in price as you buy them, so try not to do this too much early on – it will make buying them later on a little difficult. Instead, try to merge puppies manually to save a lot of money.

Getting Presents

Occasionally, instead of a puppy, you may see the button turn into a present. That means that on your next delivery, you will receive a present instead of a puppy.

Presents are fun little gifts where you can get a random puppy! The puppy you get can range from a low level puppy to a very high puppy, and you never know what you are going to get, so it is always an exciting moment when you open it.

You can get these randomly just for playing the game, but you can also receive one for free from the shop every few hours. Make sure to check in to get your free present!

Complete Daily Tasks

To earn a ton of money, make sure that you are completing the daily tasks. You can access them from the checklist at the top right corner of the screen.

You are given a list of six tasks to do every day, and they are each worth a lot of money. If you are having money troubles, make sure that you are completing as many of the daily tasks as you can.

Try to do them before the day is over, as they will cycle out for a new list of tasks. Any uncompleted tasks will be lost!

Use the Advertisement Boosts

If you have an extra moment to spare, Puppy Town has plenty of boosts that you can get from watching advertisements. They are extremely helpful if you can deal with sitting through random ads.

The first kind of advertisement you will likely see are the ones that randomly spawn as you are playing the game. Puppy balloons that are attached to random objects will fly by, and if you tap them you can watch them for a corresponding reward.

On the right side of the main menu you can also manually watch advertisements to give yourself various boosts. The first one is auto-merge: when this boost is active, all puppies in your kennel will merge automatically. Helpful for when you are away from the game!

The second boost is double money. All sources of money in the game when this boost is active are doubled, making it very easy to rack up the cash!

Leveling Up and Earning New Kennel Space

As you merge and discover new puppies, you will earn player experience, indicated by the yellow bar at the top left corner of the screen. Earn enough experience and you will level up!

Whenever you level up, you will unlock one more kennel to hold more puppies. So, you should try to be merging as high as possible to get more experience to unlock more puppies.

A good thing to do is to simply leave the game open while you are doing other things. Check back every now and then when your kennel is full, merge to clean up some space and keep bringing in more puppies.

Completing the iPhone 11 Puzzle

We know that many of you are playing Puppy Town solely based on the opportunity to potentially win an iPhone 11 Pro. Like many other in-game contests, we cannot verify if this contest is legit.

But, if you are adamant on trying to win it, you have to keep spinning and hope that you land on one of the iPhone pieces. You get one free spin per day, and you can also get more spins by leveling your player level up.

Apparently, once you fill up the “my gift” meter, you will be entered to win the iPhone 11. Again, we cannot confirm if this is legit or not but if you want the best shot at it, make sure that you check in every day to use your free spin, and to progress through the levels to get more spins.

That’s all for Puppy Town! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


      • You must have all five magic puppies. Click on your dollars amount, scroll down, you will see which ones you have and which ones you still need. I have four but can’t go any further. Game is locked and keeps telling me I have no more kennels, I need to merge but merge no longer work.

  1. I agree. I have corgi puppies that wont merge also. I think that is the trick so you dont actually win the cash. Has anyone REALLY WON CASH yet?

    • Me, too. I have been playing this game for a while and while it is a fun game, I am almost at $10, but won’t go any higher, to me it is just a relaxing game, don’t expect to get paid. Sorry.

  2. You can’t cash out until you reach 10.0, it tells you that if you click on the ? and until you reach 10.0 ( if games lets you win) you will have no idea how much money that is. I have 107Qa and when you can’t merge that one dog, if you trash it it will give you more buying dollar points. Honestly, they advertise people winning big cash money from this game but I feel it’s just to get you to pay it.

  3. I have 25 kennels all full of different puppies. Still have 13 puppies to get. I can’t merge or play anymore. I need more kennels are suggestions on how to move forward


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