Punishing Gray Raven

Punishing: Gray Raven is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi action RPG with fast-paced combat, an atmospheric soundtrack, and many styles. When you’re not engaged in combat, you can decorate your dorm, interact with other characters, and truly appreciate the peace you’ve cultivated.

If you’re a fan of this epic gacha game but are unsure which Weapon is the best, we’re here to assist you. Our Punishing Gray Raven Weapon Tier List will assist you in determining the right weapon to use. It’s worth noting that this list is subject to change in the future, so check back later.

Punishing Gray Raven Weapon Tier List

For Punishing Gray Raven, we’ve ranked the Weapons and created a Tier List. These rankings are based on what we know about the game. These are not official rankings in any way and should be treated with caution. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s look at the PGR Weapons Tier List.

The following are the tiers:

  • S Tier – The most ideal and well-suited, capable of overcoming almost any obstacle.
Dual PistonZero Scale, Sin, Wolf Fang
LongswordSariel, Crimson Birch, Sirius, Sakura, Inverse Shadow, Lotus Berkserker
Hovering CanonsType Zero, Benediction, Dragon Wind
ChainsawInverse Chimera, Hydroheat
GreatswordBig Kamui, Darkness, Thanatos
Rifle SetAuncel
OthersApollo, Durandal, Phoenix, Qinghe, Mistress of the Woods, Virtuous Contract Kai, Type-40 Lance Kai, Cruel Oath Kai
ScytheLilac, Saint Elmo
DaggersRequiescat, Soul Ripper
BowLightning, Ramiel
Spear & ShieldGungir

  • A Tier – Excellent weapons to have in difficult battles.
Dual PistonGloomlight
LongswordKuji No Sada, Mumei
Hovering CanonsFish Mount, Guardian Mount
ChainsawLightning Spark
GreatswordStar of Bethlehem, Dynamo Greatsword, Glimpse
Rifle SetFA2D-AP
GauntletEmerging Unicorn
DaggersStone Heart, Lantern Festival
BowFalcon E3320
Spear & ShieldRL-03C Blackthorn
OthersGuiyun, Odette, Virtuous Contract, Type-40 Lance

  • B Tier – Weapons in the B Tier are OK to use and slightly above average.
Dual PistonTokarev
LongswordGuardian Blade
Hovering CanonsSem-Auto Canon
GreatswordSupressor, Light Devour
Rifle SetBullet Ant
DaggersHunting Blade
BowCompound Bow
Spear & ShieldHeretical Pioneer
OthersCold Black-iron Star Type Land, Overture, Cruel Oath

  • C Tier – These are excellent weapons to use sparingly.
Dual PistonStandard Handgun
LongswordStandard Blade
Hovering CanonsHovering Canon
ChainsawPractice Saw
GauntletArmor Break – Type 9
ScytheStandard Scythe
BowPractice Bow

Kindly note that the game is still in the Beta phase, and so our list is subjective to change soon. Did you find our Punishing Gray Raven Weapon Tier list helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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