PUBG Mobile Season 16 RP Leaks (Image via SameerTG)

PUBG Mobile Season 15 is coming close to an end and the upcoming season will arrive shortly. Most probably, the developers will release the PUBG Mobile Season 16 update on November 17, 2020, i.e a day after Season 15 ends.

Before the beginning of any PUBG Mobile season, the data miners surface the leaks regarding the upcoming content and the same is true in the case of Season 16 update. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best rewards that will be featured in PUBG Mobile Season 16 Royale Pass.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Royale Pass Leaks

#1 Gold Tier Outfit

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For the first time, PUBG Mobile will give away an elegant and classy outfit when the players will reach the Gold Tier. If you’re a PUBG Mobile enthusiast, you must know how easy it is to achieve Gold rank in the game. Furthermore, the outfit is adorned with silver chains and the players will also get a yellow colored mask along with it.

#2 ICICLE Mini 14

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On Christmas eve, the developers are also adding an ICICLE Mini 14 skin which was initially spotted during the beta testing of PUBG Mobile 1.1 update. The ICY variant of Mini 14 can be upgraded up to level 7 and at each grade, the outer structure and design of the skin will also change.

#3 Night Terror Outfit – 100RP Reward

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In the upcoming Season 16, players can unlock a terrific outfit called the Night Terror Outfit when they reach the 100th tier. However, only the Elite Royale Pass holders can grab this marvelous outfit which is always priced at 600 UC, while its upgraded version, Elite Plus Royale Pass is sold for 1800 UC.

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