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PUBG Mobile: All Weapon Attachments and When to Use Them

PUBG Mobile: All Weapon Attachments and When to Use Them
PUBG Mobile
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PUBG Mobile, like every other shooter out there, comes with a very nice selection of weapons that are all useful depending on the situation. Being a battle royale game, however, you won’t be able to bring your favorite weapon with you at all times, and you will have to get them directly on the field.

All PUBG Mobile weapons spawn in the field in a sort of incomplete form. Sure, they are usable enough, but they casn only reach their true potential with the right attachments. These attachments enhance all weapons properties, and make them even more useful in specific situations.

Attachment Types

Attachments in PUBG Mobile are grouped into 5 different types: Muzzle, Sight/Scope, Magazine, Grip and Stock. Each type modifies the weapon’s behavior in a different way.

Muzzle attachments are used to reduce the recoil, reduce firing noise, and remove muzzle flash when firing.

Sight and Scope attachments help you be more accurate when aiming weapons. This type of attachment is undoubtedly the most useful for any weapon, no matter the situation.

Magazine attachments increase the weapon’s magazine and sometime reduce reloading speed, which is very useful in the middle of a firefight.

Grip attachments reduce the recoil of the weapon, both horizonatl and vertical. These attachments are more useful for weapons that have huge recoil.

Stock attachments reduce reloading speed and stabilize weapons so that they shake less when firing.

Muzzle Attachments

Muzzle attachments in PUBG Mobile are divided into three different types: compensator, flash hider and suppressor. Compensators are best used to reduce recoil, flash hiders to remove the muzzle flash and suppressors to reduce noise when firing, but at the cost of increased recoil. While they are useful for most weapon types, they are more useful for Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles, as you can pick opponents from afar while keeping your position as hidden as possible.

Muzzle attachments for Shotguns are completely different from those of the other weapons. The Choke and Duckbill attachments are used to change the bullet spread of shotguns, making them even more deadly at close range.

Pistols only get suppressors as muzzle attachments, so you should equip one as soon as you get if you like using this weapon type: it will make it harder for you to be discovered.

Scope Attachments

Scope Attachments vastly improve the accuracy of weapons. Available attachments are the Red Dot Sight, the Holographics Sight and the 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x and 8x scopes. The first two are not particularly useful, as they just bring marginal improvements to the regular iron sight, so focus on getting any of the scopes as quickly as possible.

Magazine Attachments

Magazine attachments increase the magazine size of all weapon types. They are not terribly useful unless you are using weapons with very small magazines, but you may still want to install them onto your weapons if you find them. Among the Quickdraw, Extended and Extended Quickdraw Magazine attachments, the one you really want is the Extended Quickdraw, as it improves reload time alongside increasing your magazine size.

Grip Attachments

Grip attachments increase the weapon stability and reduce recoil, so they are essential for weapons with high firepower and high recoil. The available Grips are Vertical Foregrip, Angled Foregrip, Light Grip, Half Grip and Thumb Grip. Given how PUBG Mobile is played, the Thumb Grip is the most useful of the bunch, as it allows you to open up your scope more quickly while also decreasing vertical recoil. Half Grip and Light Grip improve weapon stability but do not reduce recoil, while the Angled Foregrip reduces horizontal recoil.

Stock Attachments

Stock attachments have a variety of uses but they all cannot be equipped to any weapon. The Tactical Stock, which reduces recoil and improves weapon stability, can only be equipped on the M416 and the Vector, the Bullet Loop, which reduces reload time, can be only equipped to the Kar98k and Win94, and the Cheek Pad, which reduces recoils and improves stability, can be installed only onto DMRs and Sniper Rifles.

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PUBG Mobile: All Weapon Attachments and When to Use Them


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