Home Game Guides Property Brothers Home Design Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Pass All Levels

Property Brothers Home Design Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Pass All Levels

Property Brothers Home Design Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Pass All Levels
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Drew and Jonathan Scott, also known as the Property Brothers, have enlisted your help to aid people with their home design dreams! Property Brothers Home Design is a new mobile puzzle game mixed with home design fun.

Play match-3 puzzle levels to earn coins, and spend those coins on buying new furniture! Our Property Brothers Home Design cheats and tips will show you how to pass the puzzle levels so you can make your dream home!

Property Brothers Home Design is a fun little game that all aspiring home designers should try out at least once. You might get some ideas! Anyways, here is our Property Brothers Home Design cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to pass all levels!

Choose whatever designs you like

Home design is all about you, the designer, and whatever piece of furniture that speaks to you the most. Do not worry too much about the furniture that you pick, as there is no “wrong” choice – just pick the one that you like the most! You get the same amount of coins for all three choices.

Create the explosive pieces

When you are doing the puzzle game segments, it is helpful to keep in mind the special bombs that you can create when you match enough blocks together.

Matching five or more blocks together will result in a bomb left behind, which will detonate and explode pieces in the immediate surrounding area.

Matching seven or more blocks will result in dynamite. Dynamite has a slightly bigger blast radius than the normal bombs, so try to make as many of them as you can.

Matching nine or more blocks will result in TNT, the most powerful explosive you can conjure up! TNT has a massive blast radius and will definitely help you towards reaching the level goal.

Conserve your moves

Every level you are given a fixed amount of moves to reach the level objective. If you can manage to hit the objective without using too many moves, you will earn a lot of bonus coins.

You will get coins depending on how many moves you have when you finish the level, so the less you move, the more coins for you!

Remember to use your fireworks

Whenever you make a match or blow up some blocks using explosives, you will charge your fireworks at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Once it is full, you can use fireworks to immediately destroy all blocks of one color on the board. Careful use of the fireworks can really help you with the level objective!

Take your time!

This is one of the most difficult things to do in match 3 games, but it is essential to take your time, strategize a bit and make sure that each move you make is the perfect one.

It is difficult to look at the whole board and decide which is next best move – but we have already talked about the basics (matching the highest possible number of pieces).

We usually play these games creating the first match that we see, but there might be better ones available instead. And with levels becoming more and more challenging, it’s important to remember that you’re not racing against time and instead take your time, be patient, and make sure that each move you make is the best possible in that moment.

Create matches at the bottom

In most cases – except for those when you really need to create a match toward the top for a level requirement, creating matches at the bottom is the way to go. This is the best strategy you have and you should always try to make as many as possible towards the lower end of the board.

This is always a good idea because when you make such a match, you start moving tiles on the entire board and usually, they will fall in place in such a way that you will create even more matches and larger color splashes, so that your next move will be better.

Not all moves will be great – and it’s OK!

I know that we always want each of our moves to be huge and grand and get us three steps closer to completing the level, but that is simply not possible, especially later on in the game.

But this is OK and you should actually create such “wasted” moves in order to build up for your next super match. For example, if you have three tiles of a color separating a big chunk of blocks above and below, it’s usually a better idea to remove the small chunk first and the newly created, larger one, second.

This goes hand in hand with the advice shared below – meaning that you should always strategize and create matches that are useful for your end goal. And this means, sometimes removing a tiny set of blocks that helps with the big picture and ultimately allows you to complete the level faster.

It’s (sometimes) a bit like a game of chess: try to anticipate the effects that your match will have on the board if you truly want to be a master in Property Brothers Home Design for mobile.

Redecorate whenever you want

We’re rounding things up getting back to the “decorating” part of the game, with a useful tip that not many players know: you can always redecorate and change furniture once you have unlocked a piece.

In order to do so, simply tap the item that you want to change and select another from the list. You won’t have to pay extra for this, so whenever you’re starting to get bored of your current design – or if you change our mind regarding an item or more – you can definitely change things around at no extra cost for you.

That’s all for Property Brothers Home Design – the awesome game for mobile! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Property Brothers Home Design Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Pass All Levels


  1. Property Brothers fame is a waste of my time. I liked it at 1st but there are no incentives. No help with extra ways to eliminate blocks. It has now become boring and I am uninstalling.

  2. Elderly people like playing games however it is very hard to clear them and the items are way too high in cost for points. Love the brothers but this is very difficult to get.

  3. It takes me almost a month to complete a room. Forget even doing the weekend project. One try every 20 minutes? Really? I love Property Brothers but hate the game.

  4. Don’t even bother with the side project which has a time limit. You can only win if you play constantly. In other words,purchase turns. . . They aren’t trying to appeal to players with bonuses,so i feel no incentive to buy anything. I still play because its fun,but gave up trying to do anything in a timely fashion.

  5. I’m on level 105, you get 22 moves
    The goal is 24 vases and 30 tools to remove, this is rediculous, I’ve been on this level for a few days now and can’t seem to pass it. You get 3 tries then your out of moves. I like the property Brothers but this game is stupid. I uninstalled it a few months back, so I reinstalled again to see if they made any changes. Nope guess I will uninstall again .

    • Should mention I’ve accomplished this in only 26 days, since downloading on October 22nd, it’s now November 16th. I averaged it out to 10 levels per day

  6. My wife started playing this after I introduced it to her a couple months ago. Shes playing it next to me right now and is on Level 2,571. No I didnt write that incorrectly. Lol. I stopped playing after 200 Safe to say she kinda likes it.

    • I can help but i dont know how to communicate back and forth on here…….if you’re willing to post your email ill send you an email and help you through it…I’m stuck on level 1555

  7. My daughter introduce me to property brothers about 2 weeks ago and can’t get enough of this game. Love it. On level 161, haven’t spent any money yet.

  8. I have been playing the brothers game for a couple of weeks after my wife had me play a turn while she went to cook but I loved it so I put it on my phone the game is fun but when you get one left uts guaranteed even if you have 9 lives left you will not get any explosives near it or matching items near it , to me that’s cheating and unfair practice for a company to do , and then to have to wait 20 min is way too long. It’s supposed to be a game of skill and challenge but all the skill in the world isn’t going to do any good if the game cheats . And there is no challenge when the game cheats ,I installed it on 2 different phones so when 1 is waiting 20 min I play on the other one ,to eliminate the wait but the cheating there’s no way to get around that . Just 2 fixes that the brothers game needs to fix , after all wheres your sportsmanship if you have to cheat the players. And I have tried to delete the game then reload it to start over but can’t it goes right back to the level of the old game download what is that??

    • You would need a new email address to line up the second game since it saves it to where you left off EVEN if you delete it. I’m on level 2299. I have spent more money on it than I’d like! I do appreciate the one hour free after completing a level. After completing level 1999, I received 3 hours free! I’m sure they do that in hopes you’ll keep purchasing items, that IS why they made the game!

  9. I like the game. However almost next to impossible to beat levels in the amount of turns. Game doesn’t give any boosters which u def need and when u finally pass level game doesn’t give enough coins. You have to beat to many levels to get to next step in design. Very discouraging.

  10. I enjoyed this game for a while now I am frustrated with how much money you have to spend to keep going. The old saying the rich get richer. I enjoyed doing the houses but will stick to other apps which actually give you enough plays without costing you money . It has made me feel different about these guys I think they are taking advantage of people and that is not cool.

  11. I’m on level 570 and haven’t spent any money. You need to be patient and keep trying. Remember how many hours we spent on Rubik’s cube. In the olden days there was no internet with cheats. Also pay attention when a new task shows up. They only give you the instructions once. You’ll think it’s easy to bust them at first, but then it gets tricky and you’ll wish you paid more attention. The goal is to have fun . . . And it’s fun to do achieve something hard to achieve!

  12. I enjoy this game a lot. It’s fun to decorate, get tips & solve the puzzles. :)

    A couple of things that I think would improve the experience:

    ~I would Love it if they’d add an option to shuffle the pieces on the puzzle. Sometimes there are no moves available down/over where they’re needed & it feels like there’s nothing to do but waste the remaining moves & start a new game.

    ~The weekend projects are often things that I would really like to do. However, I pretty much am never able to complete the projects on the game before time is up, so don’t get all the tips and it’s rather deflating. More time or more gloves per game would be appreciated.

    • Oh, I’d also like it if there was a daily bonus for playing the game. Perhaps a wheel to spin with all the options, like the different bombs, a life, fireworks, shuffle, gloves, coins, jackpot (All of them), etc. to win to encourage peeps along. :)

  13. I wish once you reach new levels like every 1000 get rewards.. I’m on level 6306 I enjoy this game but….. I do think more incentives needs added .. I see groups are now available but have no clue how it work may put a box to tell you how it works… enough for now I have decorating to finish lol

  14. I feel like this game deliberately drops mismatched colors on some levels to make it nearly impossible in the moves you have. I’m quite addicted to the game but I refuse to spend $3 on diamonds I already played to earn. Your pig guy bank can be full forever without there being ANY way to get them without buying them. $3 for 600 diamonds doesn’t seem all that bad but you have to use 90 for 5 moves – but you have to use all five moves in one round. So -you get stuck on a level and replay it for 2 days straight and keep failing with what amounts to ONE more move that could finish it. But you can’t just use a few diamonds for that one move – you’ve got to get 5 for 90 diamonds when you only needed one or 2. Then if you still fail because the game chooses to drop nothing but crap on that round , you just wasted $ for nothing. That’s my only complaint. There should be at least some points where you can earn those diamonds and actually get some. Some of the levels are downright impossible. I’m stuck on one now that I’ve been on for THREE freaking days. You only have 16 moves and it takes 13 just to turn on all the light switches that create more vases that you then have to drop in order to eliminate. It’s just not possible as far as I can see. I’m getting to where I may just delete the game. I like a challenge but it’s clear they want more of my $ than I’m willing to spend on a game. I would probably do the $3 here and there if it wasn’t designed so that you just lose most of the diamonds you just bought

  15. Thats the very thing that bothers me, I’m very good at this game and MOST times I play the games i am left with exactly ONE MORE until I’m on my last game they wait until they eat your lives up and then they drop the block you need on the last life at the last game. There are games like games level 1555 and i have been playing it for a month and the closest i have gotten is 12 blocks left to get. I landed on this page trying to find solutions. I used to advocate for this game but now i want to find those two brothers and ask them who the developer was so i can pay a visit and talk to his or her darn mother!! Lol…jk but seriously…a slap with a banana peel is where I’m at right now.

  16. This game is amazing I’m 13 and love design, this game give me idea for my own bedroom. I highly recommend this game to people that have never tried because it an amazing game, I’m on level 155 and willing to beat the game. Good Job brothers


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