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Primordial Arts Tier List – The Best Powers in Roblox Primordial Arts

Primordial Arts Tier List – The Best Powers in Roblox Primordial Arts
Image by Primordial Arts
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The time has come for you to equip your primordial art and reduce your opponents to ash. However, first, you have to spin and see what power you get. Then you have to give your best to level up and unlock more and more powerful moves—nobody said that mastering Primordial Arts will be easy!

When I first started playing this Roblox game, I pulled Blood and was quite happy since it’s a Rare art. However, it didn’t do much for me. I kept using those spins any chance I got and finally landed Dragon Blade, the power that I’m still keeping even though I had the chance to experience even the Primordial arts like Spatial and Time. If you’re confused about which spinnable power you should stick with, our Primordial Arts tier list of the best powers can help you make the right choice.

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Primordial Arts Tier List

Primordial Arts fight
Image by Primordial Arts

The biggest issue with making tier lists of spinnable powers is that most of the arts that are truly worth your time belong to categories that are super difficult to get through spins. If you’re hoping to get a Primordial power, you’re looking at a 0.01% chance of getting it. Godly powers are just a little bit better, with a 0.1% chance.

Therefore, this tier list doesn’t necessarily rely on rarity tiers but on our experience with different skills. Regardless, we did find that better powers are much rarer even though you could do a lot by leveling up any power you start with, so take this tier list (or any other tier list, for that matter) with a grain of salt.

Without further ado, here’s how we ranked all the powers we’ve seen so far in Primordial Arts.

TierSpinnable Powers
SDragon Blade, Spatial, Superhuman
AAether, Gravity, Krampus, Nanomachines, Phoenix, Revenant, Sky Sabers, Skylight Rapier, Speed, Stormstriker, Superhuman, Time
BArcane, Berserker, Crash, Destruction, Dragon, Explosion, Jade Fans, Jetstream Sam, Sovereign, Vampire
CBlood, Crystal, Darkness, Light, Metal, Sound, Spectrum
DEarth, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Snow, Water, Wind,

The Best Powers in Roblox Primordial Arts

Yes, we chose two Godly and one Primordial power as the best of the best in this tier list, but their potential is quite difficult to overlook even though it might take you a lot of spins to land any of them.

The best power overall in our experience is Superhuman—mostly due to its Serious Punch and Serious Consecutive Punches moves which deal incredible amounts of damage. However, even in their normal form, those moves (alongside Table Flip and Power Dive) are forces to be reckoned with. Oh, and did we mention that this power comes with a passive ability that brings you 20% damage reduction?

Besides Superhuman, you can consider yourself very lucky if you manage to pull Dragon Blade or Spatial. Dragon Blade is for those who prefer to fight with weapons, and it places this high on our list because we were amazed by what Full Power Discharge can do before and especially after Transformation. Spatial, on the other hand, will blow your mind with high-damage moves like Splitting Space or Dimension Slash.

However, as we said before, don’t despair if you don’t land any of these three with your available spins. Just focus on leveling up, and you may find that your given power hides some pretty sick moves no matter how rare it is.

Let us know in the comments what art is your favorite and check out our article about Primordial Arts Trello and Discord links where you can find a lot of useful information that will help you become better at wielding your newfound powers.

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Primordial Arts Tier List – The Best Powers in Roblox Primordial Arts