Knight Fever is changing the game when it comes to RPGs, and it’s out right now on Android. This fresh interpretation of the retro RPG by Buff Studios offers plenty of fun for players from all walks.

Once you build up your party of adventurers, you’re free to explore the world, replete with spooky dungeons and terrible monsters. Battles play out in exciting four-lane combat, with one lane dedicated to each of your Heroes. Things get hectic very quickly as you manage the action that’s playing out in each of these lanes.


You’ll be able to prepare for these intense encounters thanks to the Gold Dungeon, which arrives in the game today. Upon completing this dungeon, you’ll be gifted a generous amount of gold that you can use to buff up your arsenal. You can spend your hard-earned coin at the Peddler or the General Shops.

The Hero’s Altar, too, offers up plentiful freebies for new players. Visiting the altar grants you daily rewards including free summons, crafting items, Heroes, and more.

Even publisher WEBZEN is joining in on the fun, releasing a Knight Fever animated short that you can watch on YouTube right now. [link]

Knight Fever is free-to-play right now on Google Play.



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