Pregnancy Idle 3D Simulator Guide: Tips & Cheats To Growing Healthy Babies

Looking for some Pregnancy Idle tips and tricks to deliver the perfect baby and have a lot more fun in this latest mobile game? We’re here to help!

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Congratulations… your baby is officially on the way! Pregnancy Idle 3D Simulator is an idle clicker game that no one really saw coming. As the name suggests, you are in charge of taking care of different women as they are expecting.

Help them fit into a healthy day-to-day regime that includes plenty of light exercise, healthy eating, and more so that they can remain in tip-top shape while their baby develops.

In our Pregnancy Idle 3D Simulator tips and tricks guide, we will help you earn heart energy – the main currency and resource of the game – quickly, and we will show you how to get more of it fast. Let’s get started with our Pregnancy Idle cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to growing healthy babies!

Earning Heart Energy

Your first mother will be Rihanna. She will start the game out a week 1, and you will need to help her along the way, ensuring that she and the baby stay healthy. To do this, you will see a list of activities at the bottom, like food, swimming, reading, sleep, and so on.

You can tap on the green button to level up that category, which will help the baby progress. But, before you can do this, you need to have the required amount of heart energy. You can generate heart energy by tapping on the big blue button above the list.

Once you have enough heart energy, you can start leveling up the activities. Notice how the week bar fills up as you level up the needs? When it fills up all the way, you will go up one week, progressing the pregnancy. This is how you get your babies born in a healthy manner!

Getting More Heart Energy

You do not really get too much heart energy when you tap the energy button, but that is OK – there is a way to increase the amount you get. If you tap on the upgrade button at the bottom right corner, you will switch between activities and upgrades.

The first upgrade is “Activity Tap”. Upgrading this should be your first priority, as it increases the amount of heart energy you gain with each tap of the button. After a few upgrades using heart energy, you will be forced to watch an advertisement to unlock the next upgrade tier. Unfortunately there is no way around this.

Every activity you upgrade also generates heart energy for you over time automatically. If you have the game closed, it will generate heart energy up to about an hour by default, at which point you will need to check in to collect the hearts in order to continue generating heart energy.

You can increase the amount of time you can stay offline by upgrading the “Offline Time Bonus” upgrade. You can also increase the amount of heart energy you earn with the “Offline Earning” upgrade.

All of the upgrades below gives you a bonus to a certain category of activities. For example, the “Nutrition” upgrade grants a bonus to the mother’s Food, Drinks, and Vitamins activities. These upgrades are rather costly, so if you have invested more heart energy into a specific set of activities, try getting the upgrades for that category.

Keeping Track of Activities

The mother’s activity log is her main source of heart energy. The more you upgrade an activity, the more heart energy will be earned over time automatically. If you can help it, try to leave the game on even if you are not playing, and your heart energy will generate at maximum efficiency.

You should ideally max out each activity before you move onto the next one, but eventually the costs will be too great to this, so feel free to jump around. Before you can unlock a new activity, you will have to meet the pre-requisites.

For example, to unlock Exercises later down the list, you need Partner at 200, Watching 150, and Vitamins 50. Focus on bringing those up first, and then the new activity will unlock. You do not necessarily need to max out the previous activities, but every little bit helps.

Unlocking a New Mom

Once you have gathered at least 5 million heart energy, you can unlock the second mom Amelie. When you unlock a new mom, you will have to start from scratch with the activities. Your heart energy pool is shared between all moms, so keep that in mind as you upgrade.

One thing to note though is that each activity upgrade also improves the same heart energy pool, so it may be beneficial to unlock a new mom as soon as you can upgrade her own set of activities in order to get that heart energy generation boost.

This is where the categorized activity boost upgrades come in handy. If you have a bunch of different moms with certain activities maxed out, you can generate a ton of hearts!

Use Boosters and Grab Goodies

If your heart generation is too slow for your liking, you can call upon the power of three different boosters to help speed things along. These will appear over the week progress bar, and you simply have to watch a 30 second advertisement to activate them.

  • Doubled Hearts: All sources of heart generation are doubled for 2 minutes.
  • Energy: Immediately gain a ton of heart energy for watching an advertisement.
  • Autoclicker: Your heart energy button will tap on its own, generate more heart energy over time.

Energy is a good booster if you need a lot of heart energy, but Doubled Hearts and Autoclicker combined can get you a lot of energy over time.

In addition to the boosters, there are also timed gifts. If you see a present at the top left corner without a timer, you can collect a present. When you claim the first gift, you have to wait a few hours before you can claim the second one. Keep playing to keep claiming more gifts like free boosters, free spins, and more!

Speaking of spins, the next freebie is the prize wheel. You can spin it for free every few hours, and you can get free boosters and heart energy from it. Be sure to claim your free daily spins.

Say Hello to Your Baby

At around 40 weeks, the mother will finally give birth to her baby. At this point, the mom is considered a success – you will get a big permanent heart energy boost and you can move onto the next mom and start upgrading her activities.

You also have the option of having the same mom become pregnant again, although this will start her back at level 1, as if you were starting a new mom. It also costs a lot of heart energy to do this, so we recommend leveling up the next mom before you attempt this.

That’s all for Pregnancy Idle 3D Simulator! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Pregnancy Idle 3D Simulator Guide: Tips & Cheats To Growing Healthy Babies

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