Nexon is no stranger to the mobile market, and over the years they have released some heavy-hitting games like Marvel Battle Lines, Darkness Rises, and DomiNations, to name a few. Now, they are ready to reveal their latest project: a brand new MMORPG!

Enter AxE: Alliance vs Empire, an action-packed MMORPG featuring console-like graphics. With high fidelity combat and flair, Nexon aims to bring the standard PC MMO experience to mobile devices worldwide.

The game currently has a 2019 global release date, and users can pre-register now to earn some in-game goodies when it launches for real. Just head on over to the official AxE Nexon website and scroll down to enter your e-mail.

For pre-registering, players can earn 100 white diamonds (presumably the premium currency of the game), 50,000 gold, and one rare armor box. If you are an avid fan of mobile MMOs, be sure to pre-register!

AxE: Alliance vs Empire promises fast paced action with loads of awesome looking skills to use. There are multiple classes to play as, and there will be large scale co-op and PvP modes, so there is something for everyone.

Stay tuned for a more specific launch date!


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