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Powerwash Simulator All Platforms

Love cleaning? Check out the satisfying game Powerwash Simulator!

Everybody’s favorite cleaning game has expanded its availability to consoles that go beyond the PC. Now you can play this fun relaxing title in a variety of formats. Whether you like to take your chill games on the go or play them via console, there’s an option for everyone. Since the gameplay is so simple, it is enjoyable in any form, it all depends on what you prefer. Here are all the platforms you can play Powerwash Simulator on.

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How To Play Powerwash Simulator

For those unfamiliar, the gameplay entirely consists of deep cleaning things with power washing. You earn money for your work and use it to purchase upgrades for your equipment. It’s very satisfying and relaxing, hence why it’s so popular. There’s just something soothing about a game with no music where the only noises are you moving and your equipment spraying. We all love a good round of League of Legends, and what better way to wash off your MMO salt than with something like Powerwash Simulator?

When Is The Physical Version of Powerwash Simulator Releasing

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Right now, Powerwash Simulator is only available through digital downloads. If you’re preferential to physical copies of games though, there’s good news. On June 13, Powerwash Simulator will have a full physical release on all of its current platforms, satisfying those who enjoy the feeling of a cartridge in their hand and going to a store to pick up a game.

Where To Buy Powerwash Simulator

The game is currently available digitally on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Below are where you can get them. The game is the same price in every shop, but if you want it for less, it’s a good idea to wait for Steam’s yearly sales.

How Crossplay Works On Powerwash Simulator

– Is Powerwash Simulator Crossplay?

Something important to know before you make your purchase is that if you plan to crossplay, this feature is not currently available on the Switch and PlayStation. For example, if you are on a PC and a friend you want to play with is using an Xbox, you can play together, but not if the person using a Switch or PlayStation console. Switch users can play together if they are on the same console and have Nintendo Switch Online set up. The same goes for PlayStation users if they have PS Plus.

Check out Powerwash Simulator today for a unique leisurely gaming experience!

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Powerwash Simulator All Platforms