Portal Quest Best Heroes and Team Compositions


For the people who have been looking everywhere and wondering about the Portal Quest best heroes and the best team compositions, we’re the same. And since there is no such thing as a best hero, as they all depend on the team and on how good they are against a certain mob, we have decided to reveal the best heroes in Portal Quest according to the team comp.

As you probably noticed until now (and if you haven’t, shame on you!) the heroes are divided into two categories: Front Line and Back Line (I mean, you can’t NOT notice that, really).

So, to kick things off we will start with our Front Line Portal Quest best heroes and then move on to the Back Line Portal Quest best heroes. After we show you our picks, we’ll group them into teams and reveal the ones we consider best. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Front Line

These heroes are the tanks of the team, and they are the ones who should take most of the damage in a fight (unless they die or the mobs target someone else, which happens every now and then).

Ginger Beard

Stone Guard

Loyal Squire

War Blade

Back Line

Here is where all the damage dealers are, so they are by default more squishy targets, hence the need to stay at the back and have someone cover for them. They do massive damage (or not so massive, if they aren’t upgraded) and, if attacked, could die relatively fast.

Forest Hermit

Princess Portal

Hex Witch

Grizzled Hunter

Spell Binder


These are all the Portal Quest Best Heroes that we found work great for us, some of them because of their single abilities, and some because of the great synergy they provide to the team. Now for the team selection, I will suggest a few stuff that you could consider when trying to acquire new characters.

Team Composition 1 (my favorite)

Front Line

Loyal Squire, War Blade

Back Line

Hex Witch, Princess Portal, Forest Hermit

Team Composition 2

Front Line

Loyal Squire, Ginger Beard

Back Line

Forest Hermit, Grizzled Hunter, Princess Portal

Team Composition 3

Front Line

War Blade, Ginger Beard

Back Line

Hex Witch, Forest Hermit, Spell Binder

Team Composition 4

Front Line

Stone Guard, Ginger Beard

Back Line

Grizzled Hunter, Nightstalker, Hex Witch

Team Composition 5

Front Line

Stone Guard, War Blade

Back Line

Princess Portal, Nightstalker, Grizzled Hunter

There are a few other heroes you could use, such as Swashbuckler, Feral Brute and Skull Buster in the front, and Storm Wizard in the back, but it all depends on when (how soon) you get them, because ideally you want the best heroes for the end game stage.

Thus being said, this is our Portal Quest best heroes list! We hope you find this guide useful and we hope you’re lucky with getting all the best heroes! If you have other suggestions or if you are using other team composition that you think is worth mentioning, leave a comment down below telling us why; we’re curious to learn all the weird and possibly OP comps out there.

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Portal Quest Best Heroes and Team Compositions


  1. I disagree with most of these teams. Both front and back line. Maybe in the very early stages this would work, as you’re sticking to tanks in the front, damage in the back. But you can do much better, you didn’t even mention support hero’s, which are a total game changer

    I believe the stone guardian is THE best front line. Period. He will tank through anything, even two fury hero’s attacking him head on. That being said, you’ll need a second to pair with him

    Ginger beard is great, especially if you’re going to be using 2+ focus hero’s with him, as he boosts their attack and health by 25%

    If you’re not using much focus, but still want fury in the front, skull buster is a beast as is scarred brawler.

    If you’re facing fury hero’s, put war blade up front. She’ll give everyone a shield which is awesome, and she’s tough.

    Back line is more difficult since there’s so many to choose from. Mass Destruction+Grave Wraith+Salty Merc works really well for me.
    MassD keeps the enemies stunned, giving you free hits against the enemy, while GWraith is all around [email protected]$$. When a hero dies no problem he will bring him back, also summon another soldier, all while boosting fury hero’s attack and def by 25%
    Salty Merc can 1 hit K.O some of the glassy back line hero’s, making the fight 5v4 early on.


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