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Pokemon Unite Mimikyu Best Moveset

Pokemon Unite Mimikyu Best Moveset
Credit to the Pokemon Company
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The cutest ghost has arrived to Pokemon Unite at last! Mimikyu is here to haunt their way into your heart and help you win those battles with his powers. This article will teach you how to use Mimikyu and the best moveset for Mimikyu.

He might be innocent, but you’ll quickly see how that little fellow packs a punch. This is how to use Mimikyu – and if you want to learn more, we have a guide on how to Spectate in Pokemon Unite!

How To Get Mimikyu In Pokemon Unite

mimikyu from pokemon unite
Credit to the Pokemon Company

To get Mimikyu, you have two options. For the free-to-play route, grind in matches until you get 14,000 Aeos coins. If you’re not opposed to opening up your wallet, go the easier way and buy 575 Aeos worth of paid currency to just get him from the Shop. It’s quite easy to find, just choose the Shop option in the game’s main screen and choose the Mimikyu license.

Best Held Items For Mimikyu In Pokemon Unite

  • Leftovers
  • Scope Lens
  • Slick Spoon
  • Weakness Policy
  • Wise Glasses
  • Choice Specs

Mimikyu’s Moveset In Pokemon Unite

Unite Move

Mimikyu’s Unite Move is based on his z-move from the Pokemon Sun and Moon games. In both, he does significant gradual damage to an enemy stuck underneath the blanket that covers him.

Best First Move Choice: Shadow Claw

Since Mimikyu doesn’t have any evolutions, it will just begin the battle as itself. The early game moves will be Astonish and Scratch, the first one being your basic attack move while the other can slow down enemies. You can turn Astonish into either Shadow Claw or Play Rough, but Shadow Claw is absolutely the superior option here because while it isn’t bad, Play Rough is basically just a slightly stronger version of Scratch.

Shadow Claw has a faster cooldown period (that can even be boosted), restores HP, and just gets stronger the more its used. It has so many practical aspects that make it beyond the dimension of just being an attack-based move.

Best Second Move Choice: Shadow Sneak

For upgrading Scratch, you can pick either Trick Room or Shadow Sneak. Ideally, you’d choose Shadow Sneak, but if you’re going for a specific comp or strategy, Trick Room might be an option. With that move, he takes less damage and is immune to getting a slow debuff, in fact it does the opposite. For your typical unga bunga battling, just go with Shadow Sneak. This ranged attack casts a shadow on an enemy which marks them with a curse that rips extra damage from them, especially if they have low health. It also does some AOE damage, so you can’t go wrong picking it.

Mimikyu’s Passive Ability In Pokemon Unite

If you’re not familiar with Mimikyuu’s specialty, he uses something called the Disguised Form, where when an enemy attacks him, he doesn’t take any damage because he’s in the form of a dummy. After that, he’s in Busted Form. It’s like if you turned the move Substitute into a skill. His passive ability in Pokemon Unite mimics that, where he does extra damage to the enemies that attack him while he’s in Disguised Form.

To play as Mimikyu and win some matches, download Pokemon Unite today!

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Pokemon Unite Mimikyu Best Moveset