A new Pokémon game has been soft-launched not too long ago on the Canadian App Store, allowing gamers from the country to try it out before anyone else.

Pokémon Trading Card Game is probably not the Pokèmon game fans hoped to see on iPad but it’s definitely a start. The game is based on the successful Pokémon Trading Card Game, allowing players to fight each other using cards representing the many creatures of the series. Being a free to play game, you can expect plenty of IAPs that will allow you to get booster packs to improve your deck, customization options for your card box and more. The only play modes included in the game allow trainers to battle the AI or another trainer.


From what we can see, Pokémon Trading Card Game is a faithful representation of the real card game, something that will make all those playing it feel immediately at ease when launching the game on iPad.

Pokémon Trading Card Game is now available on the App Store in Canada. The game can also be played on PC and MAC, allowing trainers to save their decks on the Pokémon Trainer Club account and eventually import them on the iOS version. We will let you know when the game launches in all regions as soon as possible.




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