Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Every Eevee Evolution


Eevee is one of the most popular critters in the entire Pokemon franchise and with every generation of Pokemon games, there are always players looking to get all of its evolutions, from Vaporeon to Sylveon. Pokemon Sword and Shield players are no exception and fortunately, the eighth generation of Pokemon games makes all of Eevee’s evolutions available even without delving into the DLC.

So, one might ask, how do you get them?


The simplest way to get Vaporeon, as always, is simply to use a Water Stone on an Eevee. A respawning Water Stone can be found around the stone circle in the Wild Area’s Lake of Outrage. Around the same circle, you can sometimes see an overworld Vaporeon encounter when it’s raining.


Like all of the Kanto Eevee evolutions, Jolteon can be evolved with a special stone. A Thunder Stone, specifically, is what you will want to use to evolve a Jolteon. You can find a respawning Thunder Stone in the stone circle at the Lake of Outrage and this same location features a Jolteon during thunderstorms.


The final Kantonian Eevee evolution can be acquired by using a Fire Stone on an Eevee. Like all of the evolution-inducing stone items, a respawning one can be found in the stone circle in the Lake of Outrage and a wild Flareon can even be found around the same location during strong sunlight.


The Johto Eevee evolutions changed it up a little in terms of how you evolve them. To evolve an Espeon, you have to max out an Eevee’s friendship and then level it up during the daytime.

Friendship is an old mechanic and it increases passively by traveling with a Pokemon and using it in battle without letting it faint. A soothe bell increases friendship gain and certain items like vitamins and some berries can increase it instantaneously.

Once again, you can also find a fully evolved Espeon in the Lake of Outrage. In this case, cloudy skies are what trigger an overworld encounter with it.


Like Espeon, Umbreon’s evolution method is tied to friendship. While an Eevee with maxed friendship will evolve into Espeon during the daytime, evolving it at night will get you an Umbreon. You can also find an evolved one in the Lake of Outrage during a sandstorm.


Previously, evolving a Leafeon meant finding a particular stone in the overworld and evolving an Eevee while near it. Gen VIII changes this mechanic and simply requires you to use a Leaf Stone on an Eevee. Not unlike the other evolutionary stones, a respawning Leaf Stone can be found in the stone circle at the Lake of Outrage. A wild Leafeon also spawns here during ordinary, temperate weather.


Similarly to Leafeon, Glaceon’s evolution method has been simplified down to just using an Ice Stone on an Eevee. A respawning Ice Stone and a wild Glaceon can be found at the Lake of Outrage, though the Glaceon will only spawn when it’s snowing.


Sylveon’s evolution method has varied a bit over the generations, but in Gen VIII, its evolution method is pretty similar to Espeon and Umbreon. Simply build up high friendship and then level it up while it has a fairy type move, regardless of the time of day.

As with every other Eevee evolution, it can also be found at the Lake of Outrage, but Sylveon will only spawn when the zone is blanketed in fog.

That should be all you need to know to evolve Eevee any way you like in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Every Eevee Evolution


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