Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Ancient Power Move for Piloswine


Ancient Power allows Piloswine to evolve into Mamoswine, one of the strongest non-legendary ice types in any Pokemon game since its introduction. That said, the process behind actually getting Ancient Power is pretty distinct from how Piloswine gets most of its moves, as it does not learn it as a standard level-up move, nor can Ancient Power be learned with a Technical Machine.

Let’s take a look at the methods that you can use to get ancient power on Piloswine in Pokemon Sword and Shield as well as other Pokemon games like Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Getting Ancient Power with the Move Relearner

The Move Relearner is a recurring NPC that has appeared in Pokemon games for over a decade. As his name implies, he allows Pokemon to relearn moves that they have since forgotten. Naturally, this doesn’t intuitively suggest that he would be useful in helping you get Ancient Power for the first time, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Move Relearner actually works by letting you select any move that a Pokemon has in its level-up movepool, regardless of whether it has ever actually known it. Ancient Power is learned by Piloswine at level 1, according to the game data, though it is normally impossible to learn since Swinub only evolves into Piloswine at level 33.

With the Move Relearner’s help, however, Piloswine can “remember” Ancient Power despite never actually knowing it in the first place.

In Sword and Shield, Move Relearners can be found to the left in every Pokemon Center. In this generation, they even offer their services for free. In Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the sole Move Relearner is found in a house in Pastoria City and demands a Heart Scale for each move relearned.

Getting Ancient Power by Breeding

The other way to get Ancient Power on Piloswine is by breeding any female Pokemon from the Swinub line with a compatible Pokemon that knows Ancient Power itself. Their offspring will all be Swinub that already know Ancient Power from the moment they are hatched.

Simply level one of these Swinub to 33 and it will evolve into a Piloswine with Ancient Power.

In Sword and Shield, the only compatible Pokemon other than another member of the Swinub line that already knows Ancient Power is Dunsparce, which learns the move at level 20. If you’re playing Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, Kekleon is another option. It learns Ancient Power at level 21 instead.

So How Do I Get Ancient Power on Piloswine?

The easiest way to get Ancient Power on Piloswine is by visiting a Move Relearner NPC, who will grant your Piloswine the move without it ever knowing it before. Alternatively, you can breed a male Dunsparce that knows the move with a female member of the Swinub line, and any resulting offspring will know Ancient Power from birth.

That sums up how to get Ancient Power on Piloswine!

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Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Ancient Power Move for Piloswine



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