Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters is setting out to be one of the most popular Pokemon games ever, and the developer is supporting the game heavily with new content that aims to keep players engaged as much as possible. A new update has been released recently for the game, adding a new Sync Pair and events that will help players level up specific Pokemon.

The new update added Lyra and Chikorita. The character is the female protagonist of HeartGold and SoulSilver, so it made sense to pair her with one of the starters of the two games. By leveling her and Chikorita enough, players can evolve her until the Meganium form.

Until September 30th, players will have an increased chance to get Lyra and Chikorita. As Blue is also getting increased appearance chances, players can choose which of the two players they want to get increased chances of appearing.

Together with the new pair, the latest Pokemon Masters update introduced some new events. In one of them, players will be fighting against Pokemon weak to Grass, so to make it easier to level up this type of Pokemon.

A new EX challenge has also been added, and it involves taking down Barry and Piplup. Players who win the fight will be granted 1 and 2 star Grass Bracelets.

Pokemon Masters is now available worldwide on iOS and Android. Check out our guides if you want to learn more about one of the best Pokemon games ever released.


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