Pokémon Go: Zapdos Weakness | How to beat Zapdos


The quest to find the infamous Giovanni and defeat him is finally here in Pokémon Go, and master trainers will also know that this quest comes with an opportunity to get a powerful shadow Pokémon. The Pokémon in question happens to be one of the legendary elemental birds, Zapdos! You’ll have to take down Zapdos if you want a chance at purifying it, so we’ll show you how to beat Zapdos with our Zapdos weakness guide.

How to Beat Zapdos

Zapdos is a dual-type flying and electric type Pokémon who uses strong moves of both type to blow you away. You can take advantage of its dual type by bringing the right Pokémon with the right moves. Here’s the type match up for Zapdos’ electric/flying dual type:

Weaknesses: Rock, Ice
Resists: Fighting, Flying, Bug, Steel, Grass
Immunities: Ground
Normal damage: Normal, Poison, Ghost, Fire, Water, Electric, Psychic, Dragon, Dark, Fairy

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Ideally you’ll want to bring Pokémon that knows rock or ice type moves to take advantage of Zapdos’ weaknesses. Definitely don’t bring a Pokémon that uses primarily ground-type moves as they will be rendered ineffective, and try to avoid any of the resist types as they’ll only do half their normal amount of damage.

If you’re finding yourself taking too much damage, try bringing a Pokémon that is resistant to electric and flying type attacks. Grass, Dragon, and Electric types take reduced damage from electric attacks. Electric, Rock, and Steel take reduced damage from flying attacks.

With enough determination, you should be able to take down Zapdos and claim it for yourself! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Pokémon Go: Zapdos Weakness | How to beat Zapdos


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