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Pokémon GO Wurmple Evolution Tips

Pokémon GO Wurmple Evolution Tips
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Wurmple is a quite the unexciting Pokemon, added in Generation III of the Pokemon game franchise, it is a tiny little pure Bug type that can evolve into one of two cocoon stages, and ultimately evolving into one of two fully grown bugs, the butterfly Pokemon, Beautifly, or the moth Pokemon Dustox.

The evolution methods for most Pokemon in Pokemon GO have largely maintained the same process: feeding a certain amount of candy to them to have them evolve. This remains mostly the same for Wurmple, but evolving it has one big distinction.

How to Evolve Wurmple into Beautifly and Dustox in Pokemon GO

Wurmple’s evolution tree possesses the split evolution path. It possesses two branches of evolutions:

  • If Wurmple evolves into Silcoon, it will proceed to evolve into its final stage, Beautifly.
  • If Wurmple evolves into Cascoon, it will proceed to evolve into its final stage, Dustox.

Beautifly holds the Bug / Flying dual typing, while Dustox holds the Bug / Poison dual typing, each having their own niche and uses in battle. But how exactly do you evolve Wurmple into the branched evolution that you want?

Wurmple evolves into its second stage by feeding it 12 Candy, and into its final stage by feeding it 50 Candy. The bad news is, however, that you cannot influence the path that Wurmple will take to evolve into.

This means that when you feed your Wurmple 12 Candy, it has a 50/50 chance to evolve into either one of its second-stage evolutions. Do not fret, however, as Wurmple are quite common in the wild and if you didn’t get the desired evolution in the first attempt, with 50/50 odds, you will surely get it in the second or third attempt!

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Pokémon GO Wurmple Evolution Tips


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