Pokemon Go Mega Manectric Raid Guide: Weaknesses, Shiny Chances, and Counters


Mega Evolution has come to Pokemon GO for a while now, and with it, so have Mega Raids! This new type of Raid lets you and your friends team up to face a Mega Evolved Raid Pokemon.

With these Raid rotations, some of the most hot and happening Mega Pokemon have begun to appear, one of them being Mega Manectric! In this Pokemon GO Mega Manectric Raid Guide, we will let you in on Mega Manectric’s weaknesses, counters, and more! So read on ahead to get enlightened!

Mega Manectric’s Weaknesses

It is quite clear that Mega Manectric possesses only a single type: Electric. and if you didn’t know until now, Electric types possess only a single weakness: Ground. Hence, Mega Manectric’s biggest exploitable weaknesses are Ground type Pokemon and Ground type attacks.

Mega Manectric’s Counters

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Mega Manectric’s biggest counters are going to be Ground type Pokemon. And so, in the brief tier list below, you are going to see a large majority of its counters consisting of Ground type Pokemon.

The following tier list is separated into 2 tiers: A Tier and B Tier.

A Tier (Ideal Counters)

  • Garchomp
  • Groudon
  • Rhyperior
  • Landorus Incarnate

These Pokemon are the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to countering a Mega Raid Pokemon like Mega Manectric due to their insane stats coupled with their typing that gives them immunity to Electric attacks, as well as access to strong Ground type attacks like Earthquake and Earth Power.

B Tier (Decent Counters)

  • Excadrill
  • Krookodile
  • Golurk
  • Mamoswine
  • Golem
  • Flygon
  • Donphan
  • Haxorus

This tier consists of slightly weaker Pokemon that can counter Mega Manectric, but are going to have a harder time than the Pokemon in the A tier. These Pokemon either have an un-ideal typing like Haxorus, (only resists Electric, not immune), or possess lacking movepools and base stats.

Mega Manectric Raid Shiny Chance

Do you want a sick shiny Mega Manectric in your squad? Well, you better get to hunting, as the reported rate for a shiny Mega Manectric to appear in a raid is about 1 in 450!

Mega Manectric Available CP Values

The Mega Manectric Raid boss will only be catchable in its base form, and hence, the CP ranges obtainable are of a regular Manectric. Here are the following available CP values:

  • 1134-1337 CP at level 20, with no weather boost
  • 1417-1672 at level 25, with Rainy weather boost

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Pokemon Go Mega Manectric Raid Guide: Weaknesses, Shiny Chances, and Counters


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