Pokemon Go: How to Get a Sinnoh Stone


In Pokemon Go, Sinnoh Stones are vital items if you’re trying to evolve one of several Pokemon from the Sinnoh region. People who have been playing Go for a long time likely have a stockpile of them already, but new and returning players may find that they need to farm quite a few of them to polish off some evolutionary lines from Pokemon’s fourth generation.

One reliable way to get Sinnoh stones is to participate in the Go Battle League, Pokemon Go’s form of ranked PVP. Winning two battles out of a set of five makes you eligible for an item reward and Sinnoh Stones are a very common outcome from GBL’s pool of items.

Sinnoh Stones can also be obtained by fighting other trainers in unranked PVP, though rewards can only be gotten three times a day in this manner and a stone isn’t guaranteed to be one of them.

That said, not everyone is enthusiastic about queueing up for PVP and sometimes you simply don’t get the item you want. If you fall into either of those camps or simply want more Sinnoh Stones than PVP has to offer, your best bet is to take down Team Rocket leaders, who have a good chance of dropping a Sinnoh Stone upon defeat.

Team Rocket leaders can be fought by gathering six Rocket Radar pieces from grunts. Once you have a radar, use it to find Pokestops where a leader is camping out or simply wait for one of Team Rocket’s hot air balloons to bring a leader to your doorstep.

If you’re not having luck with any of these methods, you also have a chance of getting a Sinnoh Stone by completing a research task on seven separate days. The stone will come in the research breakthrough package that’s delivered after completing this streak.

That’s all there is to know about getting Sinnoh Stones in Pokemon Go! Compete in the Go Battle League, fight other trainers in PVP, defeat Team Rocket leaders and finish research breakthroughs and you’ll have a mountain of Sinnoh Stones before you know it!

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Pokemon Go: How to Get a Sinnoh Stone


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