Pokemon Go: How to Get a King’s Rock


In Pokemon Go, King’s Rocks are essential for evolving Pokemon like Slowking or Politoed. Established players might find that they have a ready supply of them, but for newcomers, the methodology for getting King’s Rocks⁠—along with many other items necessary for evolution⁠—is less than intuitive.

For starts, King’s Rocks can be obtained randomly by spinning Pokestops throughout the game’s map. This means of obtaining them, however, isn’t terribly reliable, as evolutionary items are only found fairly rarely in this way; you’re much more likely to simply get Pokeballs or berries. Nonetheless, if you spin enough stops, you’ll almost certainly get a King’s Rock eventually.

A more reliable, but more time-consuming way of getting a King’s Rock is to spin Pokestops for seven consecutive days and earn a streak bonus. These weekly bonuses have a high chance of netting you an evolutionary item like a King’s Rock, but it’s not guaranteed and you’re still looking at a chance at one out of several evolutionary items.

Outside of events where a King’s Rock might be a reward for a specific research task, the best way to get them is really just to play the game at length. Only a couple Pokemon require a King’s Rock for evolution, so their relative rarity isn’t a huge factor in the long run.

Just spin Pokestops, rely on seven-day spin streaks and hope for the best! That sums up the process for getting King’s Rocks in Pokemon Go.

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Pokemon Go: How to Get a King’s Rock


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