Pokemon Go: How to Battle and Beat Fashion Challengers


It is Fashion Week in Pokemon Go! Get your shiniest shoes on and get yourself out for a fashionable week of Pokemon Battles. You will have to battle Fashion Challengers to complete Fashion Week research quests so we are here to help you choose the perfect Pokemon to take to battle.

As you explore and play this week you will encounter Fashion Challengers. These are trainers similar to those you may have encountered in previous events. Fashion Challengers will appear regularly at some Pokestops and challenge you to a battle. You will notice that the Pokestops with Fashion Challengers have a slight visual effect to distinguish them from regular Pokestops.

The Fashion Challengers are not too difficult to beat as they will not be using shields. They act just like any other trainer in battle aside from this so there is no big surprise during a battle. When you defeat them you won’t receive an encounter award but you will get a few items like Pokeballs and Stardust.

How to Battle and Beat a Fashion Challenger

There are five Fashion Challenger types appearing during Fashion Week:

  • Cool Challenger
  • Sassy Challenger
  • Quirky Challenger
  • Slick Challenger
  • Eccentric Challenger
Each Fashion Challenger will bring a Furfrou out first

Each Challenger type has a specific Pokemon line up so you will know what to expect each time you encounter one. The first Pokemon they bring out is always Furfrou, a Normal type Pokemon, who can be defeated easily if you bring your strongest fighting-type Pokemon out first. Remember, the Fashion Challengers do not have shield, so they won’t be too hard to beat. Here is the list of each Trainer type’s Pokemon lineup:

Trainer1st Pokemon2nd Pokemon3rd Pokemon
CoolFurfrou (Normal)Sneasel (Dark/Ice)Gothitelle (Psychic)
SassyFurfrou (Normal)Butterfree (Bug/Flying)Vaporeon (Water)
QuirkyFurfrou (Normal)Braixen (Fire)Shinx (Electric)
SlickFurfrou (Normal)Croagunk (Poison/Fighting)Obstagoon (Grass)
EccentricFurfrou (Normal)Graveler (Ground/Rock)Blitzle (Electric)

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As long as you start with your fighting type Pokemon to defeat Furfrou, you can base your next Pokemon on whoever will defeat the Fashion Challenger’s choices will be. For example if you see you are up against Slick Challenger you should bring a Psychic or Ground Pokemon to beat Croagunk, and a Fairy or a Bug type to beat Obstagoon.

The Fashion Challengers always bring the same Pokemon to battle so it is easy to be prepared. All you have to remember then is to heal up your Pokemon for the next match! Good luck!

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Pokemon Go: How to Battle and Beat Fashion Challengers


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